Branding – Why it is Important and Key Elements of a Powerful Brand

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Branding is a big part of launching your business. Yet in its best sense, it is almost seamless because it is such a natural extension of what you do. Your brand has everything to do with what and how you do your business. It is about your business identity and your proprietary way of doing business and how you align yourself with the kind of work you do. For example, what do you want your company to be associated with? With high quality? Speed? Friendly customer service? Variety? Design excellence?

Branding offers your business the opportunity to position yourself strategically in different markets. Here are a few key ingredients of a successful brand:

1. Authentic
2. Memorable
3. Strong and Meaningful
4. Consistent performance
5. Solution to existing problem

When your brand has these elements, you create a powerful and compelling identity that stands on its own. You breathe passion into it by infusing meaningful purpose, associations, and experiences tied into your brand.

Whether you are first starting out or looking for new inspiration, think about your brand and what it means. Does it fulfill these basic requirements? Perhaps you need to work on one or several aspects of this. At any time, you can shift your brand from a place of ambiguity to a determined, vibrant, and passionate place that attracts like-minded people to collaborate, work with, and buy from you.

Branding is an evolving process. Great brands always continue to evolve.

When your brand is authentic, memorable, and meaningful, people will associate your brand with certain qualities. It will have an identity. You build and grow this identity through consistent excellence in performance, customer relationships, and delivery of your products and services. As you build your brand, you will begin to create opportunities that leverage your work into programs, products, collaborations, joint ventures, workshops, educational outlets, and so many more options.

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