Brand Your Name – A Key to Long Lasting Success

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Should you or should you not brand your name? That is a rather presumptuous thought, is it not? Most people don’t even consider the question in regular patterns of thinking, but when stepping into the arena of business ownership, it is essential that you study, learn, and appreciate why branding matters.

Before discussing the merits of why you should brand your name, let us imagine how you process certain shopping habits, from a consumer’s perspective. Many shoppers go out of their way to obtain a certain product or service just because it is being offered by a particular vendor. They believe in their mind that they want it “just so” and that level of expectation can be met only by a certain party.

As a society we even raise our eyebrows when we are told that something is a “generic brand”. We immediately take pause because in our mind that intimates “sub-standard”. And that is the psychological draw that is related to branding your name, image, or quality. When you walk into a Marriott Hotel, not only do you expect a certain level of quality, you feel as though you have a right to demand it. And the same goes for any high end restaurant, department store, or salon.

The reputation precedes the name and the consumer enters with the bar held high.

And so should it be with you, as a provider of a stellar product or service. And your offering, though it may be solid on its own merit, should not be extraordinary because of its factors, but it should be extraordinary because of you. When you brand your name well, YOU become the “Wow Factor”.

When you brand your name, your are not just branding your image, but you are branding our essence. You are bringing the best of you to the table and making it attractive, desirable, and appealing. Some people may not get it and still ask why branding matters. They have not learned to embrace the fact that when your brand is solid, dependable and over delivers on a regular basis… people will actually beat down a path to your door.

And your door can be physical or it can be virtual, say, online shopping. Either way, you want to brand your name so that customers will prefer you over everyone who is selling any similar or peripheral product that could even be loosely associated with yours.

Separating yourself from the mediocrity of the masses is really not as hard as it may seem. Exuberant, professional customer service is rare these days and on that aspect of the sale alone, you can do things to make yourself stand out. Study other companies – see what you like and don’t like and then integrate that into your personality and style and create a new level of excellence that you can adhere to with integrity.

When considering how to brand your name, keep in mind that a key part of the equation is committing to be true to yourself – than means your values and your personal legacy. Unique marketing ideas should not overshadow your personal belief system or lead you to an uncomfortable compromise. In deciding on the finer points, approach this branding exercise as an exploration that will allow you to offer to the world the best of you, arriving just in time to present a great experience… every time.

Tall order? Maybe. But for those who want to brand themselves or their business, they know that is just the tip of the iceberg and they will gladly take on that challenge.

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