Brand Image: How To Promote Your Home Business With Your Brand Image

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Having developed a brand image, it’s important for you to embark on the continuous process of promoting your business using it. You need to communicate your brand image to the people you are targeting in your business. Your success in creating your brand awareness will depend largely on your involvement in carrying out a number of promotional activities.

Creating a brand image alone is not enough. It’s like developing a website. You have to continuously market your website to grow your business using various online marketing techniques. Likewise, you have to use your image to promote your business with your targeted customers. You have to ensure that your targeted customers see it and become familiar with it. The more your brand image is seen, the more it becomes memorable and the more it becomes unforgettable.

To make your brand image more memorable, you have to come up with ways of communicating it to your targeted customers to make them aware of it. This calls for serious brand awareness promotions and I would like to share with you some of the ways you can apply to communicate your brand to the public.

1. Incorporate it in your website.

It’s one of the first things that you should do as an online marketer. Let it be positioned where your website visitors’ eyes can see it without having to scroll down. It should also blend with the rest of your website. The position you select to place your brand image on your site matters a lot. It has to be where people will see it easily to create a memorable image of your business.

2. Use it on your banners

When you create banners for use on your websites or for advertising purposes on other websites, you should make sure that you integrate your brand image in them. You need to have your banners well designed in such a way that each time people see them, they pick the message you want to communicate to them and compels them to take action.

3. Use it on your business cards

When you print business cards, make sure your brand is integrated in them. A business card is a very good offline marketing tool and you should therefore not underestimate its importance in communicating your brand to the people you are targeting.

4. Include it in your email signature

You have so many friends, workmates and other people you communicate with through emails every day. You should take advantage of this opportunity to communicate your brand to them by placing your brand image to every email you write to them.

5. Live the values portrayed in your brand.

Your brand image will not be so effective if the people behind the brand creation display characters or behaviors that are in contradiction with what their brand values are. If you really want to have a long and sustainable growth for your business, you should believe in what you display to the public and make it part of you and part of what you personally do.

6. Make use of it on your social networks

If you are on any social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…, you should consider integrating your brand image in them. For instance, you can create a business page on Facebook and incorporate your brand image on it.

7. Advertise with your brand image to create impact

Many times, advertising requires spending some little money. But you need to carefully use your budget because for you to create a greater impact, you have to persistently advertize. I therefore recommend that you select activities that can fit in your advertizing budget and at the same time offer continuity and presence in front of your targeted customers.

Some of the ways you can advertize your brand offline include TV advertizing, advertizing in busy locations like bus stops, print media, bus and transport advertizing, advertizing at roundabouts and sporting venues, banners and signs to mention but a few. These are ways you can use offline to create your business brand awareness to the people in your market place.

Lastly, if you want the brand identity you have created to have a long lasting positive effect on your business growth, you have to relentless communicate your brand image to your targeted customers by applying the above methods. If you do not take trouble to raise your brand awareness, it will be difficult for you to benefit from it. The onus now is on you to create your brand and communicate it effectively to the public.

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