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Success is waiting for you, you just have to create it. So if you can do your market research and get your product right, this means unique and branded you are well on your way. Have you thought about branding of your product and how this can keep your product separate from the rest in the market. Have you considered branding when you have product made overseas? There are many things to do which can dramatically increase your million dollar idea success

Some say branding has past its used-by date but in the traditional sense of the word branding, there is still plenty of leverage. When having your products made in a large factory which may supply anyone from the mum making baby blankets and selling them in her online store right through to branded bags for David Jones, you can have a lot of fun. If you are not convinced of the effectiveness of branding think of the Virgin group. Everyone knows it whether they use it or not. It is one of the biggest branding success story to date. So how can you apply this to your product branding. Take the following steps to success with branding your products.

Step 1. What is branding? It is important to understand branding and how it can evolve. It is not just a logo. The definition of branding, brand (brnd) n.

1. A trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or a manufacturer.

2. A mark indicating identity or ownership, burned on the hide of an animal with a hot iron.

Let us go with definition 1 as we cannot help you have cows made in China, not yet anyway!

Step 2. What can you brand when making a product? You can brand almost anything. It is quite amazing, even the colour of the thread can be measured using the PANTONE scale of colours to match your brand colours. The list below is a few things that you can brand with your logo, colour, tagline etc.

Swing tag, the little piece of card attached to a plastic or thread tie hanging from your product. One side is usually left blank to place barcode or price tag. This is a great branding tool, similar to a business card you can have a big logo, you can choose the weight of the card, the colour, the shape can be round or any shape you can create. If you need help with these we have designers who have done it before.

Care labels, the little white or black labels that tell you how to wash your garment or the size. These are great to brand, again logo, product name, Designed in Australia or Patent numbers, anything you like, website, contact number! Colours are unlimited, generally white or black labels are no extra cost. You can print in silver, gold, any colour too.

Packaging, endless options of course, printed card inserts in clear plastic bags, printing on plastic bags, no cost in most cases, Printing and packaging can be very cost effective, many products hardly attract a cost for packaging. In Japan packaging is an art, there can be up to 6 layers packaging a product. Try buying a box of cookies at a department store in Tokyo, it is amazing. This packaging, every layer has a brand or logo printing on it. Japanese are very successful in retail and know well that a book is judged by its cover! We have designers experienced in creating packaging if you are not sure what to do or how to create a package.

Product, branding the actual product depends on the product of course. But to date I have not supervised a single production project that has not had significant branding on the product itself. It is like a safety guard. Copycats are the great fear of most having their product made but if you significantly brand your product with a trademark name, logo, feature you will have far less copycats to deal with. Some products clients have done include the brand or logo as part of the product design, almost a benefit of the product. Very clever and they certainly enjoy the success of their product.


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