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Brand experience actually means various different things to different group of peoples as far as the industry of advertising is concerned. Even though there are many definitions regarding this concept, one of the best and widely accepted one is related to customer experience and lifestyle. It is the unification of brands into the lifestyle and thus adds value to experience of customer of the brand.

To be more precise, this experience is not about capturing your audience but captivating them. This is cumulative impressions regarding brands which are garnered by the encounters with brand via verbal, experimental or visual means. They encompass a large range of sensory, intellectual and emotional connections. It is the means via which any brand gets created in a stakeholder’s mind. Certain experiences can be controlled like that of advertising, retail environments, websites, product or services, word of mouth, journalistic comment and so on. Strong brands can arise in the market only through consistent interaction with the customers which leads to a differentiated, clear and holistic experience. It may also be called experiential communication and is which allows a consumer to actively get engaged with any brand over person level rather than a passive interaction.

One of the challenges regarding the success of brand experiences is the creation of such an experience which can trigger allegiance, response and recognition for the brand. People get committed to a particular brand only if they get successful experiences with that brand. This motivates many agencies to solely focus on spectacles and losing sight of people. Money matters a lot and thus investments are a matter of primary importance. More than millions of amount is spent by manufacturers on advertisements that deliver only a passive experience. If the same initiative and amount is invested for brand experiences, immediate return would be seen and also the customer satisfaction can easily be achieved.

It is a fore sooth fact that the consumer had always the right to determine the fate of brands. But it is also true that ratings, online feed backs, blog postings and many consumer forums greatly influences the success of a brand in the market. The negative reviews by a consumer surely affect the status of a brand. A typical consumer in this modern era is informed, evolved and also empowered with various gadgets like smart phones, wide level of internet access and also social networks where he discuss and thus widely influence the brand experience.

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