Brand Crisis Disaster and Corporate Branding Recovery – Case Study

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The other day, I had an interesting conversation with a gal who is a sports radio personality about personal branding, specifically using social online networks. She reminded me of the common perception that constant bombardment, reinforcement, and frequency of implantation on the consumer, or in this case the radio listening audience was paramount to keeping her name and her radio show in the minds of those listeners. She’s right in every regard, so is her station manager which recommended this. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

You see, when it comes to branding a product, service, or even a person there are certain things which remain the same. Okay so let’s talk about a different venue when it comes to branding, and that would be maintaining a strong brand after a crisis or PR disaster. There have been many radio personalities who have put their foot in their mouth, and said the wrong thing at the wrong time. Some of them have been kicked off the air or lost their contracts with the radio stations that hosted their shows.

Often those that syndicate the show were caught in the loop, and the radio stations agreeing to air those shows dropped them like a hot potato. The same thing happens with products such as the famous Tylenol case study where the company handled things perfectly, or the case of Perrier Water where they completely watched their brand name disintegrate.

There was an interesting article recently in Reuters titled; “Exclusive: AIG to resume use of its brand name,” on June 28, 2012 by Ben Berkowitz which stated;

“American International Group Inc. will resume using its brand name in public in a move to recognize the company’s turnaround, Chief Executive Bob Benmosche. AIG, which received $182 billion in government bailouts during the financial crisis, has all but shunned its own name for years. Not only did various AIG units reorganize under rebranded holding companies, at one time employee ID badges did not even identify the company by name to protect employee safety.”

Now that AIG has paid back most of government loans, and the government made some $2 Billion on the deal, now AIG is looking good again. Talk about a huge crisis, and a potentially unrecoverable situation, it turns out that strong leadership and time healed that wound. Today, although AIG may have a black mark in the minds of some, it is still well known in the financial community throughout the world, and I would say to you that; AIG is back. They are back in the game, and their brand name will reflect their strength in their industry. Please consider all this and think on it.

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