Boost Your Employees Moral This Fall – One Fantastic Tip!

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Managers and Corporate leaders are constantly looking for ways to improve organization efficiency, increase productivity, and drive revenues. With the recent events on Wall Street and stocks plummeting, many business managers and owners are consumed with the future of the company and or its success. Compounding the issue, we wake up every day to the news outlets flooded with the debates over the nation’s debt crisis. To make a long story short, times are tough.

So how does all this affect your employees? I wish we could, but the simple fact is, that people don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves; resulting in less creative, energetic, and willing associates on your floors. Just like company leaders are scrambling to develop plans and recipes for long term success, so too does your team think about their career paths and how it will impact their families. I have a solution that is guaranteed to help relieve some of the aches and pains and increase your staff’s moral. This simple and very effective solution is what I call Corporate Tailgate Fridays!

The end of this summer, a brutally hot might I add, sends the signal up for the fall to soon arrive. This creates a buzz in the air and stirs emotions inside of people. Well, let’s capitalize on that. One of the great symbols of fall is that College Football season has arrived. Even if you are not a football fan you can’t argue that tailgating with friends and family, cooking out, laughing, playing fun games isn’t a great time. So with the cool crisp air and the opportunities at hand let’s start a viral craze and ponder the details.

The idea and concept is simple, affordable, and very effective for many places of work. At lunch time on Friday’s your company or staff goes outside for a weekly tailgate party. This moral boosting, employee appreciation needs a grill, a few hotdogs and beef patties and an affordable easy up team logo pop up tent to define the event. Encourage your employees to wear their team’s jerseys or shirts for a casual Friday feel. This simple concept will impact your staff’s moral, confidence in their leadership, and result in stress free, creative, energetic willing associates. So, if you are developing plans of success for the future of your company throw in a little moral boosts to your recipe. Consider investing in your people, boost moral this fall and get your staff tailgating next Friday. Who knows, you might make a difference in someone’s day.

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