Boost Conversion Rate With 5 Common Sense Concepts

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The truth of the matter is that no matter what your current conversion rate might be, it can always be increased. You never know how many potential sales you are missing and how much cash that you’re sacrificing until you begin the process of split testing.

If you’re a newcomer to web site testing, there usually are 2 unique schools of thought as to how you need to get started off. The 1st states you should begin with an “inconsequential” page on your web site. Work with that page as your “practice field” to dodge making any grave mistakes while you’re mastering the ins and outs of testing.

The 2nd method of conversion rate assessment includes utilizing a high traffic page where final results are swift. If there is 1 thing the Internet era has done to almost all of us, it’s made us into a society of “instantaneous gratification hunters”. We require results now. We get bored quite easily. We usually do not want to wait for the solution.

The trouble with learning on a lesser traveled web page is that getting results usually takes way too long. You will gradually lose patience, or get bored stiff, and you may abandon the task before learning anything important.

If you get started with a web page that has much more traffic you could possibly make a mistake but don’t get worried. Assuming that you back up in advance, whatever you “mess up” can be undone!

The site components you need to take a close look at for conversion rate are:

#1 – The Head line – Without a hesitation, your headline is the most crucial part of your website. It is the very first thing your website visitor will notice once landing on your web-site. The head line will either grab the interest of your viewer or drive him or her away. And the very best part is, it’s extremely easy to test. You don’t really want to get your graphic artist involved, or even your copywriter. It’s simple and easy to think up a few headlines that are quite heavy on benefits to test. Produce a handful of headlines after which run a simple A/B Test against your existing conversion rate.

#2 – Introduction Paragraph – Much like in traditional direct postal mail marketing, the opening paragraph of your site sales copy must tug the reader into your copy and make him desire to learn more. For the reason that many small company proprietors have a tougher time composing opening paragraphs than head lines, you might consider want to get your copywriter involved in this one. Produce a couple of different starting paragraphs to test.

#3 – The Call to Action – Show your reader precisely what you wish them to do, there are a lot of ways that you can do it. Just how you tell them what to do is dependent on your specialized niche and your target group. The call to action is simply just not an element of your sales process that can be left to chance. As an alternative to merely duplicating what other marketers do, pick several different calls to action and test them against one another.

#4 – Beef up on Benefits – Super-charge product sales copy by listing the most crucial benefits ahead of others. But Wait a minute! Your customer may have a different view of which is the most significant benefit. Adjust the order of your benefits and test which placement enjoys a larger conversion rate. This very simple process could give you some essential insight into a totally new version of your sales concept or even ideas that you can use on the nest sales letter that you prepare.

#5 – All of your Graphics and Visual Components – A great graphic is worth 1,000 words, but how many words is the incorrect picture worth? Brutal honesty time…some color blends, graphics, and other visual elements in fact hurt conversion rate. Some video or graphic elements can enhance conversions. Other pictures or visuals can send the conversion rate up like it was taking a ride on the space shuttle. There’s honestly only one way you will ever realize which graphics are good and which are great…split testing. A multivariate test will let you to test a variety of different elements simultaneously to ensure you have the right mixture.

When you are finished with the 1st round of testing saddle up, because you are just getting started. Never sit on your laurels and under no circumstances assume that your conversion rate is as good as it could possibly be. There is always room for increase – and room for more conversion rate testing.

J. Allen Reeves is a conversion rate specialist who does conversion rate optimization for his clients, who have made millions of dollars in extra profit because of his strategies. To get a FREE calculator to discover how much money you’re currently losing due to poor conversions, go to

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