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In a vertical business blogging model, all of your corporate blog content is written within a sharply focused category.

For instance, you might be working to sell or promote a particular soft drink or beverage, but not snack foods in general, and you wouldn’t post content related to say, the entertainment industry, or information about creating marketing videos.

On the other hand, personal blogs will frequently cover a much broader content spectrum, and you might find a blogger who writes just as much about her children’s exploits as she does about the mechanics of running or her favorite hobby.

In the business world, you will find professional bloggers who pursue a horizontal revenue model by opening dozens of vertical blogs. To be successful at this, you need to be expert in the research game in order to drive traffic with the right keywords and very carefully monitored pay-per-click campaigns. You also need to constantly be looking for profitable niches. In addition, most leaders in the horizontal marketing model are hiring cheap content producers in order to fill the expansive needs of dozens of blogs that must be regularly maintained. There’s very little emphasis on quality content, and even less on community.

There is nothing wrong with choosing a horizontal model, but before you decide to do so, you should know that there are tremendous benefits to keeping your business blogging focused within a specific vertical.

  1. You can focus on what you know best: your brand, product or service.
  2. You can become established as an expert in your field.
  3. You can create a lasting connection with your audience, particularly if you are producing valuable, relevant content on a regular basis and making it easy for your readers to engage.
  4. You will never feel “spread too thin” by having to be play expert in areas in which you aren’t really very knowledgeable.
  5. If you do hire out content production for your business blog, you will be the very best judge of a good ghostwriter, content producer, or marketing team.
  6. You will have the opportunity to see how people benefit from your product or service, rather than seeing your target market solely as numbers on a spreadsheet.
  7. You can build stability, longevity, and consistency for your brand. Eventually you could even dominate your vertical!
  8. Because you are working within a business vertical, you are in a good position to thoroughly know your market and work toward out-competing your rivals!

Keeping your blog content withing a business vertical is fairly easy to do, although becoming the dominant power in that vertical will take a concerted effort over a long period of time. But some things are work working toward, and as you make your decision for a vertical or a horizontal model, you should keep the benefits and drawbacks in mind.

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