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The Bic pen, also known as Bic Cristal was founded just after the Second World War in the year 1945 by Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard in Clichy, Paris. Actually it was the foundation of the Societe PPA where the Bic pens started. Bich then introduced the pen to the American market and it was first sold at a high price but was soon lowered to 19 cents in 1959. An advertising executive then advised Bich to shorten the trade name to Bic so that it will be easily remembered. As of the year 2004, there were one hundred billion manufactured Bic pens that gained it a name as the most widely sold pen.

Promotional Bic Pens and Advertising

Today, promotional advertising is one tactic that companies utilise to promote their brands. Why? Gift giving with Bic Promotional Pens is very effective and cost efficient. How can a simple giveaway item be crucial in brand promotions? When an item is mostly used by people, they will be more likely to be accepted. They will incorporate it in their everyday lives. Every time they use it, they will remember you and your company, not just by your service but also by your generosity with your promotional products. With that, you will gain more popularity.

Locations such as conferences, business trades, and the like are the most advantageous way to sell your brand. These are settings where you can find your customers and potential customers all in one place. Be sure to be creative in your package and presentation. In this way, you will be an eye catcher. Using these pens as promotional products are a sure win.

The Wonder of Bic Pens

The elegance and practicality of Bic Promotional Pens remain as one of the reasons why promotional companies choose them. The famous Museum of Modern Art in New York City has acknowledged the incomparable industrial design of Bic Cristal and was made a part of their permanent collection. The pen is made from plastic, with a hexagonal shape and three grip points giving its strong stability when writing. Because of continuous innovations, the very firm and efficient tungsten carbide replaced the stainless steel ball.

The many designs that Promotional Bic Pens have provided the buyer with options to choose from the simple to the most elegant one. The Round Stic Pens are available in different beautiful colours ready for distribution. There is also the Tri-Sider pen, their roller, gel pens, and pencils. Several customer reviews have claimed that Bic pens are perfect for writing on paper like that of a novel writer during the old times.

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