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Bic Corporate Pens have standards when it comes to promoting brands. Reviews from different customers have said that Bic pens are perfect for writing and it allows the user to go through a pleasant experience when using the pen. Pens from Bic have been known worldwide that the Museum for Modern Art in New York has made Bic pen designs a spotlight. The museum has made Bic one of their permanent collections.

Ever since it has been founded by Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard, they have been manufacturing 22 million Bic pens and stationery products all over the world. This status has made them the number one manufacturer in this field. Its relatively affordable price is one of the reasons for its high demand.

Bic Pens Will Make You a Star

With their many styles, Bic Corporate Pens are absolutely qualified for making a big hit in promotional advertising. They have been one of the top choices to make money. Promotional advertising is a way in which a company makes use of items or products to promote their company name, brand, or message. These items are then imprinted with logos of the company. Politicians even make use of Bic pens to sell their name during election season. This just shows how successful the pens from Bic are. By partnering with the highly admired Bic pens and giving them away as personalised gifts, your company will be well known too.

Talk about Modernisation

Continuous improvements are being employed by Bic pen manufacturers. From the original stainless steel ball, they have changed it to tungsten carbide, which is a very high end material vitrified with heat with an accuracy of one tenth of a micron made from spinning plates embedded with industrial diamond abrasives. This results to elegant designs with gold or chrome plated cases with your logo imprinted uniquely using laser technology on the Bic Corporate Pens. Of course these customisations depend on your manufacturer.

Tips when Using Bic Corporate Pens

As with many ballpoint pens, there is also a certain way on how to use the Bic pen in its optimum functionality. After writing a few words, allow the ink to dry before continuing. This will avoid smudging the ink on the paper. Bic pens are specially designed to rectify it. These pens have ink that dries quicker on paper. The unique pens do not allow ink to leak even when placed in different angles for a long time. You can practically place it anywhere in your luggage for travelling.

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