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When establishing your business you must apply and promote yourself effectively. Your brand will define you from your competitors and help target a niche within your market. TSM Group considers their personal branding a valuable asset.

What is this all about?

Personal marketing or branding is about deliberately influencing how the world sees you as a company, product and ultimately as an individual. Your brand is the guarantee of the value your clients and prospects will get. What defines your brand is not what you directly say about your company; rather it is the overall message that you and your company portray from all the ways your customers interact with your brand.

5 Best Practices

In this competitive marketplace, some of you may have questions related to the best practices for promoting your personal brand. Your personal brand should reflect your own strengths in a positive manner to make you and your business successful.

Here are some of the best practices:

1. Expertise and consistency

· Back it up your with careful execution and quality deliverables.

· Develop consistency in your image, as this will help increase trust and clearly deliver the message you intend.

· Reach outside of your circle of influence and consider offering yourself as a mentor or seek one of your own.

2. Drive online traffic

· In addition to your actions, be sure your website reflects your personal branding.

· Sync your blog with social media networks and other article sites so your most recent posts will be available on your profile.

3. Give Away Great Content.

· Deliver value-adding content to your readers and gain an online reputation as an expert.

· Write a blog post about your product or service and share it with your colleagues and other visitors online.

· Give away a good and in-depth report on your website to assist your buyers in making the right decision.

4. Handling customer service

· Treat every customer like they are your only one.

· Your goal is to provide a service that is flawless and seamless to your customers.

· How you deal with customers should also reflect your personal brand.

5. Define Your Branding

· Figure out where your brand is at the moment and where you want to take it.

Again, remember that your personal brand should reflect you as the owner. Not only will your personal branding affect the way your customers see you but will also affect potential employees and investors. Once your personal branding is defined, talk to friends, family or your mentor to get their feedback.

Michael York is the Managing Director of Flex Removals Pty Ltd. He graduated with Distinction from QUT with a Bachelor of Business Major in Marketing.

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His passions include assisting Young Entrepreneurs in Business and he is in the process of establishing a Non-Profit Company to assist Students go Volunteering Abroad for Free.

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