Beat Information Overload With a Household Teabag!

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Picture this. You’ve just sent your prospect a killer direct mail piece and you know there is a good chance it will be responded to.

But unfortunately, there is just one small thing that you’ve overlooked… and you probably didn’t even know about it.

And that one small thing means your response rate takes a huge nose-dive as a result.

More about that in a second, but first…

As you may know, direct mail is one of the most powerful guerrilla weapons your business has at its disposal. When used correctly, it can be used to effectively:

• Attract new customers,
• Get appointments with major players,
• Generate repeat business,
• Stimulate referrals,
• Generate a constant flow of qualified sales leads for your sales force
• Approach joint venture partners
• And more…

But herein lies the problem.

Once upon a time, all you needed was a killer headline to get your mail piece noticed.

But with the massive eruption of information coming at us from an infinite number of sources nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to get your mail pieces opened and read – even with a killer headline.

And if your mail piece doesn’t stand out amongst the K-mart catalogues, bills and pizza coupons also flooding into your prospects mailbox… or if it doesn’t jump up and grab that busy manager by the throat… it will just end up in the bin.

So what’s the answer? What else can you do to make your mail pieces stand out amongst the clutter?

Well there is one breakthrough strategy that lets you do all this and more.

In fact, Robert Boduch described this single strategy in his book “Great Headlines Instantly” as:

“Perhaps the single most dramatic way to get your prospects to pay attention to your message…”

I’m talking about a “grabber” headline.

One of the first examples of this headline was “The Penny Letter” written by advertising legend Robert Collier almost half a century ago. In it, Collier attached a bright shiny penny to the top of the letter next to the headline:

“It’s A Marvellous Thing-The Power Of Money To Make More Money!”

The response to this mailing was amazing – so amazing in fact, that other direct marketers soon copied the idea and enjoyed similar results.

Now I appreciate this breakthrough strategy may not appear so amazing, but believe me, I have seen this approach beat other proven headlines 2 to 1.

For example, just imagine that busy manager you have been trying to make an appointment with, going through his mail on a Monday morning.

In it, he finds letters from board members, professional associations, customers, business groups, partners and more, all screaming for his attention…

And then he comes across your letter, with a teabag stapled to the top of it, and the headline:

As You Can See I Have Attached A Teabag To The Top Of This Letter. Why Have I Done This?

The manager thinks to himself, “What the heck is this?” and suddenly forgets about the other mail he’s received and starts reading your letter… word for word, and with piqued curiosity and interest.

Bingo! You have just got your letter read. And best of all, out of all the letters he reads that morning, yours is the one he remembers, which is perfect when you make the follow up.

Once again, I have seen this strategy out-pull even the most tested headlines by up to 2 to 1.

So why not give it a go, it is a proven winner!

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