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At present, there are product advertisements anywhere you go. We see them along the streets, inside the mall and grocery stores, when watching television shows, when browsing through the Internet, and there are also advertisements even on apparel. Even with different types and styles, no one can deny the fact that it represents each business’ identity. Famous companies like, McDonald’s, Adidas, Nike, Shell, and Microsoft established their visual distinctiveness through readily recognized image of their company or brand.

Some researches prove that during the early times of 13th century, people used images or designs so as to identify each kind of industry. Marks of goldsmiths and paper makers were among the first logos used.

Knowing their different types can help people answer the basic question: what is a logo? Here are the three basic types:

1. Iconic or symbolic

This is an image used as an emblem by a particular company or product to convey the message and to represent the organization. Compare with plain text, symbols are less straight leaving its audience a broader interpretation of what the organization is all about. A graphic design can only be effective if the symbols used are instantaneously recognizable, memorable, simple, and expressive in nature.

2. Logotype or wordmark

As the word implies, the company or brand name is incorporated into a distinctive styled font design. There are variations in font types and each type conveys a slight different impression on its intended audience. Consider the ease of recognition in selecting this type. For great visual effect, images should be incorporated to “intrigue” the eye of the spectators and capture their interest.

3. Combination marks

Text and symbol are used to blend a graphics that will best signify the brand identity that a company wants to project. When a text is combined with an icon or symbol, it gives additional clarity as to what the organization or business wants to say to the targeted audience.

Characteristics of an effective design

1. It should be simple yet imaginative. Remember that a design that is too complex will be difficult for the audience to recall. The primary goal of any company logo is to have a lasting impression to the people. It should be strong and effective to standout and be remarkable.

2. Catchy designs should be considered. This can only be achieved when the designer gives attention to various factors, such as contrast, simplicity, and color. It can be associated with great concept. The use of bright colors and shapes similar to familiar object is effective for it captivates people’s attention.

3. Impact on potential customers should be given great consideration to make sure that your design is reaching its right market.

4. Keep in mind that it is the visual persona of a brand or company so keep it consistent as much as possible. This is also the reason why it is not a sensible decision to change it every now and then. Tweaks on it can negatively affect the business.

5. It should be timeless and classic in style. Though today’s design trends may influence you to alter your current graphic symbol, remember that for a number of decades, famous designs are the ones who stood the test of time.

So, what is a logo?

It is a visual graphic design symbolizing an organization, business, or product and is used for them to easily be identified by other people. It is a trademark used for branding. A trademark can be a name, a word, or a combination of words, symbols, or designs used to identify and distinguish brand of a particular business. The most recognized ones are those that young children know even before they can even learn to read. As they age, children can eventually associate these famous symbols with the brand or company that they represent.

Darwin Palmer believes that a creative mind can make something out of nothing. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the logo and web design industry.

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