Basics of Blogging For Businesses

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One of the most important online tools that a restaurant can take advantage of is a blog. Blogs are a good way to engage and connect with existing customers and give potential customers a reason to look further into a business. Blogs are not hard to keep updated, but there are a few guidelines that can be followed that help make it attractive for customers to read weekly.

A blog is meant to be short. It is not an article; it is a short passage that gives good information precisely. Generally a blog should be between about 300 and 600 words. This is a little shorter than one typed page. This is long enough to deliver quality information, but short enough to deliver it fast to people who have busy schedules. Begin with an introduction, have one or two paragraphs of good information, and then summarize the overall idea of that blog.

It is very hard to read a block of text. This usually deters people from reading good blogs. Graphics can be used to help spread the text out. These can also lend more understanding of the topic that you choose to write about. Graphs, charts, and diagrams break down all the text and put all your words into a visual. Some people are just better at seeing something than reading about it. Headings and bullet points are also good ways to separate and organize thoughts and ideas and make it easier to follow for readers.

The most important thing about a blog is going to be the information. In order to make sure readers will keep coming back for more, a blog needs to have accurate, helpful information. The author should make themselves an expert on whatever topic they are talking about. Do some research and cite trusted sources. Don’t promote the business or brag about a restaurant. Instead, provide solutions or advice that people may want to use. When they find that a blog is willing to share its expertise with them, they will become more engage with the blog and eventually the business’s brand.

Placing a call of action at the end of a blog can help direct people to a business’s website or whichever landing page they want people to be direct towards. This should be at the very end of a blog and preferably subtle. A graphic can be use or just a few simple words. Either way, make sure it is at the very end and does not over power the blog’s real goal; informing people.

In the end, a blog is going to be used to help direct more customers to a business’s site and help gain more awareness for a brand. Share new blogs on social media sites or send out emails to customers. Try to post consistently; weekly usually works best. It takes less than an hour to write a good blog and a lot of good things can come from spending just a little time writing it. If a business wants to attract more people and engage their customers, it just needs to create a blog and put itself out there as an expert and watch as new customers come on in.

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