Awesome Tips to Craft a Paint Shop Logo Design For Your Store

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If you’re designing a brand mark for your newly established paint store in the locality, then you need to make sure that the design is attractive enough to demand a customer’s attention.

But many stores make the mistake of crafting their business symbols to be too colorful to be pleasing and ultimately make it look immature.

So, if you are crafting your own paint shop logo for your store, then make sure that you follow the below mentioned tips:

1. You can use more than 3 colors in your business symbol but make sure that they all complement each other:

There is a common rule in creation of logo design not to use more than three colors in an emblem or it would look unattractive. That rule does not apply in this case. Here, you can use different shades of colors in your trademark but just make sure all the colors complement each other. Try to avoid colors that are irritating to the eye or too neon in color as they fail to look nice.

2. Keep the background in neutral or white color to keep the focus on the image:

Because you are using so many colors in the central image of your emblem, make sure that you keep the background in light or white color so that the main focus of the emblem can be the image.

3. Use straight fonts:

If you want to make sure that your symbol looks professional, straight fonts instead of curvy ones as curvy fonts have a tendency to look informal. If you want to add a distinct touch to your straight fonts, then you can place them at an alignment and use a colorful scheme for the same.

4. Do not use blotches of paints in the brand mark as that looks childish:

If you are thinking of crafting your business symbol with blotches of paint with the company name in the middle in soft edged curvy fonts then, let me assure you, that your brand mark will only look immature and tacky. This design may look good for a kindergarten class’ art class or for a skate shop logo but not for a business that wants to achieve success and respect.

So instead of using blotches of paint, you can keep a sophisticated look by using colors with subtlety. For example, you can use an eight leafed flower as your company symbol and use a different shade for each of the petal or you can use a rainbow as the central image. You can even craft your shop name with colorful droplets of water.

In conclusion, the main aim of an emblem is to attract the right type of customers to your shop. For that you need to make sure that your brand mark is sophisticated, chic and trendy along with being colorful and bright.

Bobby Sherman is a logo designer working at professional logo design firm. For more information,find her at paint shop logo.

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