Automated Appointment Scheduling – Lightening The Load

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Streamlining those more essential and routine medical practice management processes – namely appointment scheduling and patient appointment reminders – can help improve patient care and even raise revenues. How? Through office automation: Automated appointment scheduling can provide a 24/7 answering service for any medical practice as an extremely cost-effective price – Far less than it would cost to employ a 24/7 receptionist!

More Patients More Staff

When a medical practice begins to expand, generally it will be necessary to take on more staff. A receptionist is invariably responsible for many of those processes which ensure the smooth running of a medical practice. As that practice becomes busier having someone…or something…to take care of appointment scheduling 24/7 can be invaluable. Automated appointment scheduling systems are relatively low-cost. Plus, they can multi-task 24/7 and never need to sleep! Therefore, they are very productive and so cost effective – Why put your receptionist under pressure when the solution is so economical?

Free Time

An automated patient appointment scheduling system can free up your receptionist from those necessary yet time-consuming tasks: Which means they will have time to deal with more pressing demands – Such as those patients in need of immediate attention at the front desk. Indeed, there can be nothing more irritating than standing at the front desk unable to speak to the receptionist because they are too busy answering the phone!

Patient Appointment Reminders

Another necessary yet time consuming task is patient appointment reminders. So often these are abandoned in a busy medical practice purely because the staff are way too busy. Appointment reminders can reduce the amount of no-shows which in turn can increase revenue. Even so, if your staff do not have time then what can be done? Automated appointment scheduling systems can make scheduled reminder calls on time every time: And they can do it in double time.

Advanced systems can remind patients via telephone call, SMS to their mobile and by email. The patient is able to reschedule their appointment, confirm and cancel with ease: Which can make a notable difference with regards to no-shows. Indeed, utilising a 24/7 scheduling, answering and appointment reminder service has proven to be an easy step in the right direction for many sole health practitioners as well as large medical practices and specialist clinics: Why not for you?

The Automated Appointment Scheduling system available from Angelspeech Inc is comprehensive and competitively priced. It is multi lingual and can deal with emergency calls and appointments as well as carry out scheduled patient appointment reminders.

This made to measure, customisable appointment scheduling system can help improve Medical Practice Management overall by lightening the load on your front desk without the need to pay a full or part-time Receptionist.

Contact AngelSpeech Inc and try their Medical Appointment Scheduling Software for a FREE TRIAL Period!

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