Auto Repair Shop Marketing – Here’s a Stealth Strategy That Will Increase Your Car Counts

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As an Auto Shop owner, you most likely struggle constantly with advertising. You know you have to do it, but it’s expensive. Then you track the response and find out that the $1,000 ad you placed brought in 2 customers. Each of those customers just cost you $500 to get. You can’t survive doing that all day.

When trying to increase car counts and build your business, don’t overlook using methods to create solid repeat customers. Create customers that will return to your shop for all their service needs.

One simple strategy that you can start using today is the ‘Thank You’ card. Yes, the simple ‘Thank You’ card.

Now before you laugh and dismiss this strategy, think about the last time YOU received a thank you card (and I am not talking about after a wedding or other similar event). The simple fact is that when asked, most people claim that they haven’t received a written Thank You in years. That’s part of what makes this strategy so powerful.

Start by setting yourself a threshold. As an example, you may decide you will send thank you cards to any customer who spends over $100 or $150. But understand, that’s not a hard and fast rule. You could send ‘Thank You’ cards to every customer. It’s up to you.

Once you determine who is going to get a card, set those invoices aside and start addressing your cards. They must be hand written. I mean hand written addresses as well as the inside of the card.

Inside the card, simply tell them that you wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for their business and the trust they placed in you to look after their vehicle.

Put a stamp on it (NOT metered mail or machine stamped) and send it out. Be sure it’s sent within the week. In other words, you don’t have to send them every day, but be sure they get sent out within a week of the customer visiting you.

I promise you will start to fortify your relationship with your customers and turn them into not only repeat customers, but raving fans.

What makes this a ‘Stealth’ Marketing Strategy for your Auto Repair Shop?

You’re going to get mentioned. Plain and simple, people will talk. They will talk about you at word, around the office, in casual conversation with friends and family. They will talk about you.

You shouldn’t include any promotion, advertising, flyers, coupons or even your business. This is personal. Keep it that way.

The fact that the ‘Thank You’ card is personal means it’s the start to fortifying your personal relationship with your customer. America is tired of doing business with faceless corporations. Sell your auto repair shop services on YOU, not what you do or the fancy equipment you have. I promise, it will make a difference.

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