Auto Repair Sales Tips: Increase Your Car Count by Turning Phone Calls Into Business

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So you ramped up your marketing and advertising and now the phone is ringing off the hook. Now the question becomes, “How do I turn these calls into business and increase my car count?”

Auto repair sales is not rocket science. The answer is surprisingly easy, just follow these tips!

• Remember, the customer called you which means that they are in need of your service. People don’t generally call an auto repair shop if their car is not in need of maintenance or repair. They found your business information, and something about the way you presented the company stuck out in their mind which is why they called. That brings me to the next point…

• Be consistent in your message. With so many Auto Repair Marketing options on the Internet, it is tempting to put many different messages out there. Take a moment and think about what your shop does the best. Are you the low cost provider? Are you a premium shop? Do you offer the longest warranty? Whatever your strength is, use it to your advantage.

• Ask for the customer’s name and phone number early in the conversation. This really serves two purposes. First, it will make the caller feel that much more committed to you and more likely to set an appointment. Second, now that you have their information you can follow up with that customer down the road.

• Follow up bad news with good news. No one wants to hear that their auto repair is going to cost $500, so if you quote a price over the phone make sure to follow it with good news. Remind the caller that the price includes parts, labor, a warranty, rental car, a ride home from the shop, or any other applicable perk your business offers. Remember, you are selling the caller on the value of your service and to make sales you need to convince them that you are worth their money.

• ASK FOR THEIR BUSINESS! I have listened to countless calls between service writers and consumers where the service writer seems to think they are running a question and answer hotline. Make sure whoever is answering the phones at your shop is selling your service. The service writer should ask the consumer to bring the car in and most importantly, have them set a time and date. It doesn’t matter if your garage is empty and they realistically need to set a time. I guarantee that by setting an appointment vs. using a line like “bring it in anytime”, you will immediately decrease the number of no shows and increase your car count.

The best tip that I can give you is that if the consumer believes that the value of your service exceeds the price of your service by even $0.01, then you will make a sale on every call.

Be confident, play to your shop’s strengths, and try to set an appointment on every call. If you follow these tips, you will make more sales and increase your car count in no time.

Matt Green is the Sales Executive at For more information on this article and other Internet matters, Matt welcomes your emails at Feel free to visit for some more information about how you and your business can be listed across the internet.

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