Attracting New Clients To Your Salon or Spa

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If you own a salon or spa, building your client base is obviously the key to a successful business.

The hair and beauty business is, as we know, a people business, where the people you employ are directly increasing your salon clientele by satisfying them and encouraging them to rebook again. The level of customer service and skill will no doubt create a loyal following who should in turn recommend your salon to friends.

This process of building your business through recommended clients is a trusted method and takes patience, but how do we engage new clients to sample what your business has to offer?

The current global economic climate has dictated that everywhere you look we are bombarded with sales and offers in order for us to part with our hard-earned cash.

The hair and beauty spa industry is no different and even for established businesses, offers and promotions are essential because our clients have become so used to ‘getting a bargain’. The increased rise in coupon companies where local daily deals are snapped up by a stream of hungry buyers only seems to prove that and hence to attract new clients to your business (that are not recommended) your marketing needs to be just as direct.

There are many ways to attract new clients but the most effective is probably a try before you buy offer.

These can come in various guises but in this current climate a price reduction is certainly a great way to invite new business through the door.

I know, you might be thinking ‘We don’t believe in discounting our services’ or ‘Our customer service and level of expertise is very high and should be enough to attract new clients’.

Well that may be so but how does your new client know that until they’ve taken the plunge and tried you. In order to persuade a potential client to move salons, the offer needs to be attractive, so offer 50% OFF on any one service for new clients. There can be conditions of sale attached to this offer such as Monday – Friday and exclude the holidays.

Your staff are there anyway, so why not make them busy?

Encourage your staff to up sell when the booking is made or while the new client is in the salon and because we want that client to become a regular you could offer them an incentive such as 20% off their next appointment if they rebook that day.

Years ago this kind of offer would be seen as being desperate and in some ways devalue our skill but in today’s market we need to exceed and over deliver in order to compete.

If you have website promote your new client offer on the home page or if you use pay-per- click (PPC) advertising this big money discount is sure to get the phone ringing and building your new client list.

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