Attracting A Crowd To A Trade Show Booth

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Attracting a crowd to a trade show booth is a hefty feat, especially considering the fact that every other participant is competing for the same business and the same crowd. Although, when strategically planned out, it is possible to direct a large number of individuals to a trade show booth using a number of key factors. So is it the case that the bigger the exhibit the better the turnout, or is it the more intimate the setting is, the better the draw? There are many theories, although the following options and ideas have assisted several companies in maximizing their return on investment when attending industry events.

Rent Or Purchase A Trade Show Booth That Stands Out

Although it may seem obvious, having a show-stopping banner stand, portable display or exhibit can make all the difference in catching the eye of a potential buyer over another. There are so many features out today, making the options exciting and limitless. With this being said, adding a million lights, graphics and sparkly features isn’t a guaranteed way of drawing a crowd. A unified banner stand or portable display that reflects the marketing campaign is key. Including amazing and interesting features on your trade show booth is just icing on the cake.

Create An Interactive Exhibit That Everyone Wants To Experience

Interactive exhibits have proven successful for many event participants looking to sell a product or service. The tedium of visiting stand after stand makes potential clients expect more out of an exhibit after a certain point. Designing a portable display that is both interesting and interactive will likely attract more individuals.

Studies outlining the personalities of event attendees show that they long to be a part of a group and enjoy what the group enjoys. With this being said, anything that can create a visual buzz and a desire in someone to have an experience that somebody else has already had can prove successful. A helpful hint in determining what would be an interesting interaction is to note that what your marketing campaign team would find intriguing will mostly likely be intriguing for trade show booth visitors. Be sure to incorporate as many physical senses as possible to draw your crowd including touch, sight, sound and even smell if possible.

Handouts, Freebees And Giveaways

It’s no secret that everyone appreciates and enjoys receiving free gifts and entering giveaway drawings. Some believe that having individuals handing out free items will draw visitors in for a better glance at what is being sold or offered. Others believe that placing a giveaway station in the middle of a banner stand will allow people to notice the exhibit on the way in to sign up for a drawing. Either way, giving away free items that market the company, the company’s contact information and profile can truly attract a diverse crowd.

Take these tips into consideration to attract a crowd, promote more interest in products or services, make others knowledgeable of a brand or even make immediate sales. So what do you really have to lose?

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