At Some Point, You Need to Own Your Own Media

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I’m no Brian Solis, Seth Godin or Gary Vaynerchuck, but I do have a take that I think they’d agree with. Will I word it so boldly, prolly not.

The point I want to make is fairly simple, own your media. There really is no excuse not too.

Not sure if the majority of small business owners have noticed this or not, but the modern advertising and media world is pretty much self-serve.

It’s a buffet of communication platforms.

Pick one and go back for more if it works for you.

Owning media has several benefits.

First, you own it.

Forget calling up a local sales guy and placing a PO for a banner ad. Instead, grab your iPad or laptop and pound the social networks. Oh wait, that takes work doesn’t it? And who has time to spend tweeting and answering Facebook messages when they could be doing something more profitable. I’ll tell you who.

The competition.

Last time I checked, “having a way of doing things that has worked before” is not a sustainable marketing strategy. And calling up your local account manager at XYZ daily 3 weeks before the busy season to “kick-start” things is not going to work anymore.

Maybe that is what we’re all afraid of. Creating more work. Who wants more work anyway? We all have so much to balance. From family to career, spiritual & social, all facets of our lives need to be invested in to make them worth something, don’t they?

Ah-ha, that’s just it…don’t you see it? You don’t think your business is worth the investment. That’s it, isn’t it?

Of course, I highly doubt that you feel that way. But the fact is, that’s how your customers feel every-time they see your same old ad or marketing ploy. It becomes even more apparent when the competition finally catches on and starts owning things – like more market-share.

Jason Murphy is Co-founder of Gabster Media, a Cleveland, Ohio website design and social media marketing agency.

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