Are You Buff Or Buffalo in Selling?

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You want to become “sales buff”? If so, then you have to make sure you understand what it takes to be buff and what happens if you are buffalo.


If you exercise at all, or if you’ve seen someone that really works out a lot, then you know the term “buff”. To get buff, you have to constantly improve in at least three areas: your food intake, your cardio vascular fitness and your muscular definition. You work on those three items and you end up with those well-defined muscles You will also tend to be less stressed, more energetic and have those 6 pack abs you see on the beer commercials.


My wife, Linda, sometimes describes me as buffalo instead of buff. I work out 4 to 5 times a week, but no one would describe me as “buff”.


However, when it comes to my profession, I would consider myself buff. I read endlessly. I learn something new every day that I can apply to my profession of selling and professional development. I’ve committed myself to being a life long learner, not just from reading books, but also by experiences and from the people I meet. I encourage others to be life long yearners and learners. This will lead you to become a life long earner.


Are you buff or buffalo in your professional sales career? If you take a look at three critical components of learning, are you:

1. Reading everything possible to improve your skill as a sales person? ( I assume you do read up on the technical aspects of your business)

2. Meeting new people inside and outside your profession so that you are learning from others that have already accomplished what you are hoping for?

3. Failing? Are you taking enough risk and failing periodically in your career so that you stretch your imagination and your own skills?


Or are you:

4. Telling people how you’ve been in the business for so many years and how many training sessions you’ve been to and that you’ve “heard it all”?

5. Staying away from conferences and networking groups and isolating your circle of “experts” to those people that you’ve been hanging around since you started your career? In other words, you are continuing to do what has worked for you in the past.

6. Boasting about closing every sale and converting every sales appointment into an opportunity? Are you falling back on being top in an organization when that organization has less than 20% of its sales people meeting goal?


Be tough on yourself. Really ask yourself if you’ve allowed yourself to get a little comfortable, a little rusty and just a bit lackadaisical with sharpening your saw?


If you can identify with items 1, 2 and 3 above, then you may, in fact, be sales buff.


If your current new business sales results from the last 12 to 24 months are more reflective of being identified with items 4, 5 and 6, then you are certainly buffalo material.


Now the buffalo has made a tremendous comeback from its near extinction in the late 19th century. However, that is only because legislation was passed to save the buffalo. The buffalo were placed in protected parks and ranches and given the opportunity to, well, become fat and happy.


In today’s marketplace, with competition becoming tougher and tougher, companies are expecting more results with less. Do you think that being buffalo is a smart thing to do? Oh, you may end up being “put out to pasture” but that isn’t a very good place to be if you are in sales. You may select to go to another “ranch” because the heat and the pressure to sell have just become too intense where you are today. That’s ok; go ahead and go. It is only a matter of time before your new rancher decides it’s time to get sales buff.



Today’s formula for sales buff: 

· Commit to reading one book a month on business, selling or self – improvement

· Commit to attending a conference at least once a year that focuses on selling

· Commit to being the best at what you do in your market space

· Take a risk once a week to ask for an introduction, ask for the sale on the first call and “fire” at least one of your clients once a month


Get Sales Buff Today!

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