All Work Should Receive the Recognition It Deserves

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It doesn’t take much for somebody to feel appreciated. A good job here or a pat on the back once in a while is usually enough to keep most people happy. It can get out of hand, where it seems like some men and women need constant attention and constant praise to stay motivated, but for most men and women that is not necessary. They just want to be recognized when they do a good job or if their work pays off in a positive way.

Some individuals might say that the compensation on their paycheck should be enough to keep them motivated and happy, and in this hard climate of job seeking, these hard lined ideas might be more popular, but is that really an excellent way to build for the future? If everything that we do at work every day is about getting better, becoming more efficient, and building on our foundations for a better tomorrow, then should we be sacrificing the staff of the future?

Because if you think about it, the individuals that you have working for you now are more than likely going to be the people that move up the ladder and run the business in the future. These people that are still learning the ropes, still finding out what it takes to succeed, will eventually become managers and supervisors. Don’t they deserve the training and nurturing that will help them succeed and in turn, will help the company succeed in the future?

After all, is not the future where the greatest success is still waiting for you and your company? These people are going to be part of the future, so every advantage that you can give them, is going to translate into an advantage for the company. Also, think about what you get from an employee that is well trained and happy. You get more production and you get much less turnover. It might seem like it’s an easy solution to some men and women, just get rid of people if they don’t work out.

But how much would you save just to hire a little better? Turnover is a not so hidden cost that is frequently ignored because it is more difficult to have rules for hiring and some business feel like plugging in a body for a little while is better than going through the hassle of selecting a better candidate. The future is going to depend on these choices; you might as well take a little extra time and make good ones.

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