Affiliate Marketing – You Need The Truth

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Affiliate marketing, unfortunately, is a very complex method of earning an Internet income. Affiliate marketing is a very simple business model, it’s just so perfect, it seems so easy. There in lies the problem, it’s anything but easy. ClickBank has it’s little cartoon about Alan, and they do a good job of explaining the process, they also do a great job of making the process seem easy. Add to that, there is so many affiliate marketing courses also pushing this little white lie that anyone can be a successful affiliate marketer.

This, couldn’t be further from the truth. Step one, is figuring out exactly what to promote as an affiliate. This step alone, when done correctly, is a lot of work. You must, figure whats selling, through lots of research, you must figure out how its selling, through more research, and as if that wasn’t enough, you have to figure out how to get traffic, and where to send that traffic, through even more research.

The Internet is forever changing, so the research must never stop. You have to stay ahead of the curve if you really want to be a successful affiliate. There’s literally hundreds of affiliate marketing courses and memberships on sites just like ClickBank, and 90 percent of these courses and memberships use the “affiliate marketing is easy” notion as bait. If affiliate marketing was easy, no one would work a 9 to 5. The sooner you accept the fact that affiliate marketing will not only be hard work, but it will be a lot of work, the sooner you’ll adopt the correct state of mind. The state of mind it’s going to take in order to be a successful affiliate.

Once you’ve adopted the correct state of mind, the next step is niche research. Niche research is basically figuring out which market is going to be most lucrative. It’s also smart to chose a niche you have some interest in. Already having some of the necessary information, will save you some research time. Before you can pick what actual products your going to promote, you have to make sure your in a niche that not only has enough potential buyers, but also doesn’t too much competition.

The best way to go about determining buyer potential and competition is through keyword research. Keyword research can be not only long winded, but also some what tedious. Google has a free keyword tool that will help with this process. The key is to find the keywords that are getting enough searches, while still not having too much competition. Once you’ve found the keywords that fit the standard, then you can chose your method of promotion. Again, finding out the best way to promote the products you’ve chosen based on your niche and keyword research, is another complex method.

So before you go and spend hundreds of dollars on the next affiliate marketing course, it’s important you learn the process and test the waters. There’s plenty of free information out there to get you started, once you understand the basics, and you’ve accepted the fact that it won’t be easy, your ready to try your luck at affiliate marketing.

Good luck.

Tracy Ann Diamoro

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