Advertising Small Business is Simple – Stop Making it Complicated and Profit!

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 When you start going off the tracks, it’s like a chain reaction. First, you name your company something that would take a rocket scientist to figure out what you do. Next you spend a bunch of money putting out this confusing image. Next you make very little money so you decide there must not be enough demand for your service and you start trying being all things to all people.

Now that you are busy being all things to all people. The customer base that was already confused by your value proposition goes running to the competition because their offer is crystal-clear.

I have watched failing companies be completely turned around by presenting a descriptive name thus creating descriptive signage making it easy to deliver a clear message explaining exactly what they do and why their value is fantastic. They then took that clear message and delivered it to their prospects directly through signage, fax lists, business lists, e-mail lists and profited. Will you be one of them?

The most successful small and medium businesses keep their advertising simple because it works. Getting fancy will cost you a ton of cash and lose you customers.

If you are busy branding your small or medium business you are already so far down the wrong path, that there is not enough room in this article to be of assistance. Branding was invented and is a mainstay for corporations that have millions of dollars. It has been peddled to small businesses by graphic design firms that don’t have enough work. Want to profit the easy way?

First let’s assume there is actually a need for your product or service. If there is truly a need, that means people are actually looking for you. In that case, if you have any competitors, than the business that makes it easiest to be found, and confuses their customers the least, is going to win. Since learning from mistakes can be extremely effective. Here are some great ways to kill any successful business.

Something as simple as the name of a company can doom it to failure. Remember that the name of the company will appear on all the signs, business cards, flyers, and any hard copy that goes out. If the name of the company doesn’t clearly state exactly what you do or sell you you have just killed your business. But on the bright side your family name sure does look pretty on that sign!

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