Advertising – Glitter Minus Truth

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What is advertising? Advertising is basically a medium, companies use to connect to the public and let them know more about their products. It is also a marketing strategy by companies. However is advertising today the same that it used to be some years ago? Are the claims that there is no truth in advertising true? Lets analyze and find out.

The whole meaning of advertising has changed over the years. Previously the twin objectives of informing the consumers about a product and marketing it to them, have now been cut down to only marketing. The main reason for this is the myriad of products that enter the market everyday.

As a result, the level of competition has increased. This level of existing competition has taken advertising into a totally different level. Where in yesteryears the motto of advertising would be to let people know how good a product is, today advertisers are more concerned with showing how their product is better than others rather than just focusing on themselves. It is this same very level of competition that has pushed advertising towards the unethical side. There is hardly anything that you can blindly believe when in comes to advertising in today’s world.

Advertisers use various strategies to make people believe things that are far from the truth, only to sell their product effectively. They try their best to showcase their product very attractively by using special offers and popular celebrities. People easily get swayed when they watch their favorite celebs endorsing a product. Again the exaggerated claims are sometimes found to be untrue when the consumer begins to use a product.

One of the best forms of advertising is TV commercials. Companies make use of garnished commercials that are indeed very good at manipulating the truth and attracting customers towards themselves. You will hardly find an ethical advertiser, because in today’s world if an advertiser wants to be successful, he has to give up a little bit on ethics.

The positive effect of advertising is that it is an entertaining way to inform people about the different products available in the market. But unfortunately the negative effects often take over the positive ones and leave hardly any truth to digest. People tend to overlook their negative effects and focus more on the positive ones, thus deceiving themselves in the long run. Don’t let yourself be deceived. Be smart enough, to pick the fake glitter from the truth. Have a nice life.

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