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Before you select any contractor to do work, it would be beneficial to do some homework. Research the company you have in mind before you make the actual agreement. A business background-check website is a good idea, although there would be a low fee. Going to a business listing site i.e. Angies List, Craigslist or SuperPages is also a good option. The BBB(Better Business Bureau) is an exceptional company that is long standing. A company that’s had complaints filed about them would be on the BBB list.

When you have a company that actually stands behind the work they do, you’ve struck gold. Too many times I’ve heard of or read about someone getting ripped-off by some company. It’s almost obsolete finding a company that goes above and beyond the ‘Norm’ of expectations. No offense intended here, but we all know that the reputation of some companies have been tarnished by the ones that ripped people off. Or just showed up to do a job and get paid without any concern about the work integrity.

The following testimonials are actual clients that wanted to share what they thought of the work performed by a design and remodeling company. The reason this is being shared is because sometimes you come across a business that is truly an outstanding company. Integrity just isn’t what it use to be, and finding a competent business, especially in the design, remodeling and construction field, that isn’t out to get all they can from you, is becoming rare.

Here’s a good example of going above the “Norm” of expectations that can leave a client with a wonderful feeling about your company. “We chose the design and remodeling contractor to install hardwood flooring in our kitchen and dining room after reviewing their quote and references. We were not disappointed as they did a fantastic job on our flooring and even stepped in to perform some repairs to fix some major flaws left in our counter tops installed by another company at no charge. We made the right choice.” B. Sharon – Columbia, SC

Sad to say but this happens quite often. “I was left holding the bag by an unethical contractor who walked off and left my job unfinished after taking more money than the job should have cost. After weeks of searching for someone to help; a coworker encouraged me to call a specific design & remodeling contractor. They came right out and was genuinely sympathetic to my position. The design and remodeling contractor that was chosen finished my job and salvaged my dream of a great sunroom.” Mr. Broome – Irmo, SC

These are the type of comments you want to hear or read about. Some businesses count on word of mouth to get their business known. In alot of situations this can make or break a companies reputation. What’s even more amazing is how some businesses get work even after they’ve been incompetent.(?) Thank goodness for site inspectors’ that can help in making sure a job is done correctly and in accordance with specifications. But even with these inspectors’ some companies still get by with not being on the up and up.

That’s why when you come across an outstanding company that goes beyond the “normal” expectations of the job, it leaves you with a feeling of gratitude. With today’s economy it’s nice to know that there are a select few businesses that will do for you what you paid for and then some. When a company believe’s their niche is in providing special client services that go beyond the normal contractor relationship, that company will usually end up doing alot more work for that same customer and their friends.

Trying to accommodate your clients’ needs can sometimes be a taxing job to do, there’s no doubt about that. Fact is losing money is NOT the option here. What’s the great benefit of accommodating clients’ needs? The fact is you will get clients’ talking about what a wonderful job that was done, and most likely your company will be recommended to do work for their friends, and they’ll tell others and so on. When a contractor builds your project, they have a job. If they serve your needs, they have a career.

Author’s Bio: As a licensed home builder and home inspector, Jeff Johnston, owner of J.Johnston Design & Remodeling, is knowledgeable of all phases of construction. Always involved from start to finish on every project, Jeff brings his experience and knowledge along with a determination to provide first rate customer care. Even though Jeff has been confined to a wheelchair (for 13 years due to muscular dystrophy), he still takes a hands-on approach to each job. On most days you will find Jeff working beside his crew. Whether running a saw, framing walls, plumbing, electrical work, even laying tile, Jeff is usually in the lead making sure you get what you asked for. As difficult as all building projects can be, Jeff focuses on making your project a pleasant experience for you. If we build your project, we have a job. If we serve your needs, we have a career. Learn more about J.Johnston Design & Remodeling by visiting the website.

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