Advertising a Home Business Isn’t a "One Shot Deal" – It Takes Time

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Let’s consider a typical morning. The sound of an alarm wakes you up; you get up and tuck in your bed that INSTANTLY turns into a couch. You walk to the bathroom and brush you teeth with a tooth brush that promises INSTANT relief to sensitive gums, and tooth paste that will INSTANTLY whiten your teeth. Back in the room that INSTANTLY transformed from bedroom to living room, you watch the local station that swears by its INSTANT news and enjoy a cup of INSTANT coffee. The fast paced lifestyle in today’s competitive society has compelled us to rely on instant solutions, so much so that we have learned to expect immediate results for all our endeavors. But a good wine can’t be rushed, neither can advertising home business.

Time is one of the most important ingredients that go into a solid advertising campaign. Unsuccessful advertising occurs when businesses don’t spent enough time doing quality checks, research and testing to ensure the strategy matched the collateral.

Advertising home business is a long term process. One shot ads may result in a sales spike but this is only temporary and it will not help your business in the long run. In fact even short term results may only be measured after a period of six months of starting a campaign.

The goal of advertising home business campaigns should be to build recognition and loyalty within the target market for your product. This is the only way you can ensure long term success and value for your advertising dollars. To build a clientèle, businesses have to invest in a consistent yet evolving, long-term advertising strategy. Once the plan is in motion you have to be patient and give it time to bring in the results. Advertising should be considered an investment not an expense.

Successful advertising campaigns should be based around your business, the type of product you’re selling, your target market and your competitive position in the market. Think about the special benefits your product can offer and what sets it aside from it’s competition. Ads should highlight these benefits instead of focusing on product features. If your business has a limited advertising budget don’t spread yourself too thin. Start by advertising in one or two mediums that fits your business best. Depending on your campaigns successes or failures you can consider other options. But it is crucial to give your advertisement time to work.

In advertising home business, repetition is key. One shot deals rarely work, moreover it’s a waste of money. Research show that the average consumer ignores two out of three ads and requires nine exposures before they readily remember an ad. Which means that a single add has to run several dozen times to make an impact.

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