Adele’s Sales Closing Tip

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Did you watch the Grammy’s?

They were on a few weeks back.

And boy oh boy…

Pop-star Adele cleaned house with her album 21.

Last I counted, she snagged a whopping 6 Grammys which I believe puts her alongside other female artists like Aretha Franklin… Alicia Keys… and Alison Krauss.

So anyways…

The thing that struck me about Adele is her humbleness.

In fact, when she performed (and when she accepted her Grammys) she seemed uncomfortable which is something you hardly ever see from someone at her level.

But I liked it because…

Who wants another loud and obnoxious celebrity?


And after giving it a little thought, I realized how much Adele has in common with great salespeople. You may think a great salesperson needs to be a BIG TALKER… but… this is far from the truth.

In fact…

Great salespeople are humble.

They always focus on their prospect.

And they ask tons and tons of questions.

Bet you can count on one hand the number of salespeople you’ve encountered like.

Me too.

That’s why salespeople are pretty much hated by society because…

They talk too much…

They blow their own horn…

And they over-hype whatever it is they are selling.

The complete opposite of Adele.

She’s a simple girl who can sing her “you know what” off and she doesn’t need to run her mouth in order for everybody to know she can deliver the goods.

So what’s this mean for you closing more sales?

A bunch of things:

1) Do you listen to your prospect more than you talk?

This should seem obvious and yet how many salespeople do this? Why? Because most people are uncomfortable with silence. But silence gives your prospect a chance to think… digest what you’ve said… and come up with questions to ask you.

2) Do you ask more questions than you give statements?

Once again, this goes against human nature. It’s inherent in all of us to get our points across to other people so we can be understood. And there is certainly a time and place for this during the selling process.


It’s only after you’ve listened to your prospect so you fully understand what’s bugging them and how you can help solve their pain.

3) Do you know what’s bugging your prospect?

All selling is about helping your prospect solve some problem that’s bugging them. So if their toe has been cut off… and… you are the attending physician in the emergency room… then it’s pretty obvious that they have an urgent problem (their toe has been cut off) that you must fix.

But all selling is not this obvious.

In fact, sometimes your prospect is not even sure what’s the real problem is.

Which makes is your job (once again) to ask plenty of questions.

After you determine what’s bugging your prospect… then and only then… should you start showing them how your product or service can help them.

So there you have it.

Three ways to close more sales by being humble… attentive… and customer focused.

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