Address Cleaning Service Complaints And Generate Cleaning Sales Leads

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Complaints aren’t always as bad as some businesses make them. A bit of optimism never hurt anyone (even if it’s in the face of a really unhappy customer). And besides, when you’re in the janitorial and commercial cleaning business, complaints are inevitable. You’ll always have problem customers because you’ll also always wind up with problem employees. Your business can screen them to the best of its ability but, honestly, nobody is perfect.

Now onto the bright side of things. When you’re open to hearing their complaints and furthermore, are quick to act, they’ll see how devoted your janitorial firm is towards quality service. Everyone makes mistakes, even entire business organizations. What’s more unethical is to allow a mistake to persist without your knowledge.

Unfortunately, it’s not always your client’s fault that they can’t tell you about any issues. Sometimes it can actually be yours!

If you’re asking why and how, the answer obviously lies in your customer service department. It’s not only about how you handle complaints. It’s the way they’re being received. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your department not paying enough attention to your company’s email inbox?
  • Do you use a ticket system but have no way of showing prospects that you’ve read about their situation?
  • Are they making calls but are increasingly frustrated by an automated answering system that redirects them for half an hour?
  • Do you keep their calls waiting too long in line?
  • Have you actually made it so hard for your prospects that they have to show up to your company’s office door just to get a tangible response?

If your customer service is just doing only one of these things, that’s already very problematic. Whatever the business, you should always value your customers and make their concerns your concerns. That begins with their concerns about your customer service. If you have a ticket system or get your complaints mostly from text-based messages like direct mail and email, be quick in responding to them. If you have to, respond with an actual call to at least show that a real person has read their complaint. If you’re using an inbound call center, take your lessons from professional telemarketers. They probably know the limits of automated response more than anyone.

In fact, why wait for the complaints to come to you? Why not make the occasional survey and ask if they’ve been experiencing problems? That’s another excellent way to learn about how to improve your business and improve retention.

Furthermore, are you aware that complaints need not be about your business? Complaints can also benefit your outbound lead generation campaign! Try to contact companies and see if they have some complaints about their current cleaning services. You can get janitorial leads if you learn about things that your cleaning personnel can do better!

See, complaints aren’t all that bad. They may point out mistakes but mistakes are supposed to teach you and help your business grow. That not only applies to just janitorial companies. It applies to all businesses. Try to see the opportunity behind the complaints and see how many cleaning leads you can get out of them!

Camille Thompson works as a senior marketing analyst, specializing in lead generation and appointment setting for the commercial cleaning industry. She is inviting you to visit to learn more information.

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