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The secret to making more add on sales is all about the timing and product knowledge. This can only happen with experience and training. There are really no shortcuts. However, once you’ve been through it, and practiced a few times, it will start to come easy.

Once a customer has made the purchase, there is a very small window where an add on product can be suggested to the customer. This time is that exact moment when the item is placed on the counter, and the customer has his method of payment in their hand. This is the “Golden” moment to make the add on sale. Add on sales are always best accomplished by asking questions. Such as… What are you going to clean your new computer screen with? To which they will say… I don’t know, or water or something like that. It’s at that exact point that you need to be aware of the benefits of your product and the bad points of theirs. For example, if they say Windex, then you would say, oh don’t use that, the Ammonia can dissolve the protective coating, and then you would say… this is what you should be using… and show them you’re add on product. Explain to them a few of the features of the product and say something like… you might as well get some of this as well.

The key is to know beforehand everything answer they could come up with in response to your question, and then have the solution for them. People will appreciate your help. But you also need to learn from your mistakes and how not to make the same ones again. Every time your customer doesn’t take you up on your offer, understand why, and have the proper response ready the next time. After a while, you’ll have it all covered.

It will take practice and product knowledge, but will result in a lot more add on sales for you and your company. I strongly encourage sales staff to practice these add on sales techniques and learn to apply them for virtually every item that is sold in the store. The other excellent motivator for the sales staff is to have some kind of a spiff program in place. Whether it’s a small bonus for every add sale they make or a incentive towards a bigger prize – such as a trip, there’s nothing to get the sales team motivated faster.

Cal Condy
Add on Sales Expert

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