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What is Marketing?

Many people confuse Marketing with Advertising.

Advertising is the presentation of information to a potential customer in order to persuade the customer to purchase the product or service being advertised and is only one component of Marketing.

Marketing however covers a vast array of processes that ultimately lead to connect sellers and buyers to allow for an exchange of products or services for an agreed-upon payment or trade.

It includes but is not limited to decisions or processes such as pricing, sales, promotions, packaging design, shipping options, customer service, public relations.

Internet Marketing – A Strong Online Business Presence

The Internet allows us to reach millions of people every day – it is essential and beneficial to have a business website at the least, even if you are a local flower shop. It will allow you to raise brand awareness, communicate with potential clients, build brand loyalty with existing clients, and network with fellow business owners to share and exchange suggestions, success and failure stories to be mutually beneficial to each other.

Search Engine Optimization

Once You create a website, unfortunately it is not the end of your online marketing efforts. Now you will have have to develop some traffic to your website. This may seem overwhelming if you are new to internet marketing. One tip I can give you is: Don’t give up. The more effort you put, the more results you will get.

If you do not have much experience with computers or the internet, outsourcing this action may be a good option for you, because this is a crucial step. You can create the best website in the world and maybe somehow someone will find your website by accident, but you will most likely not achieve your goals regarding online traffic that may be potentially converted to sales.

There are many great articles about Search Engine Optimization and whether you decide to outsource or optimize your website yourself, I recommend you take some time to learn at least the basics of SEO.

Competing with Billions

There is billions if not trillions of websites (and more). Focus on creating unique web content that will somehow differentiate itself, because unless you offer your readers something that will benefit them, they will simply categorize your website as similar to the trillions of other existing websites.

If you have an e-commerce business, you will spend most of your time creating marketable web content anyway. But if you have a physical store and just want to gain additional traffic through internet marketing, you will not focus all of your time on creating web content.

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