A Review of Gigenet Cloud Servers

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Nowadays more and more people build up their own blogs and websites in order to promote products and services through the internet. So it is important for them to select a reliable & credible hosting provider. If you are interested in it, let me introduce you Gigenetcloud.com, one of the famous cloud server providers, which can offer you various types of cloud servers to meet your specific needs.

It provides you with fully managed support, elastic IP addresses, OS and software library, customer portal, and rescue console access, etc. You only pay for what you use. And you will enjoy the competitive prices from $10 (384MB RAM / 15GB DISK) to $200 (8192MB RAM / 320GB DISK). You can choose whatever you like according to your needs. And it is easy for you to rebuild the system with the help of the control panel.

Gigenet cloud servers are different from a VPS and a normal cloud server.

1. They are based on Xen virtualization technology (using Citrix Xenserver) instead of HyperVM (with Kloxo, etc.) or Virtuozzo (with Plesk, etc.). So you will enjoy high availability, live migrations, downtime node maintenance, complete redundancy, and many more features that a VPS and a separate server simply cannot offer.

2. Gigenet cloud nodes are completely redundant. If one node fails, the VMs running on that node will be immediately started on another node until the first one repaired. So your data will not be affected.

3. Gigenet provides Self-Healing Storage Area Network (SAN) for clients. Your VMs and data are not stored in a separate server. So they are not susceptible to local disk failures and data corruption.

4. Gigenet offers all customer clouds access to a 1 GB/s port with no additional cost. It is really competitive, secure, and reliable.

That’s the difference between a VPS and a normal cloud server. If you want to get more information about Gigenet cloud servers, you can contact with live chat for details. I think it is worthwhile to have a try.

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