A Middle Ground for Management

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There are different paths that you could follow to repairing a problem that’s slowing down efficiency, but any way you cut it, the issue must be repaired. Do you steamroll the problem and knock over whatever road blocks are in your path? Or do you look thoroughly at the challenge, understanding it and searching for essentially the most practical method to approach it? In either case, the problem needs to be fixed, but how you do it is nearly as important as getting it completed in the first place.

It comes from various management styles and some men and women feel the need to intimidate and bully in order to get things executed and some individuals are overly sensitive to how it makes other people feel. There has to be a middle ground, not where you scare your staff, but where they value what you are saying as well as complete the things you need executed, without feeling as though they can walk all over you along the way.

Oftentimes it seems simpler to be ruthless; to have such a hard edge that nobody is ever going to think of disrespecting or contradicting you and help the person who thinks about taking advantage of you. However with this kind of style, there’s sometimes something lost in the way that individuals communicate and the way that they work. Sure, they are worried to do anything but work hard, but are they inventive, do they really take it one step further and are they proactive?

Or are they following the rules, walking the straight and narrow and following your instructions to the T? There is something to be said about having employees that aren’t afraid to think outside of the box, personnel that have minds of their own and can take initiative to do more. These personnel are the ones that you’re looking for. These are the ones that will eventually move up in the organization and you’ll need to rely more and more on them.

But there will not be any room for them to grow if you stifle them with an attitude and culture that scares them from emerging from their shell of protection. Also, having a workplace where men and women are in constant fear of their job, you have other consequences. Sure, you get people that stay in line for the most part, but you get men and women that do not want to stay there. The good ones will leave.

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