A Guide to Choosing the Best Bulk Booklet Printers

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Local printing businesses rely on the fact that most people are too lazy or too scared to look very far for bulk booklet printers. They know that a certain amount of business will come their way simply because people see their sign or pass their premises. Plenty of customers can’t be bothered to fully research the market, and that’s just what the local print shop wants!

However, I’m thinking that you probably want to get better value and better service for your company. Hey, that’s why you’re reading this article in the first place! Stick around a little longer and I’ll share with you how you can go about finding and selecting new bulk booklet printers so that you cut your budget and wow your customers with fabulously printed promotional material.

You’re going to use the power of the internet to track down your ideal bulk booklet printers and here’s how.

Put cheap booklet printers into your search engine and up come more than two million results. You can safely disregard most of these, which will probably come as quite a relief. Focus your search now on the top 10 search results. It’s a wide enough net to give you some variety, but narrow enough to enable you to effectively research further.

Go to as many of the websites as you have time for, and locate their automatic online quote pages. With your project specifications to hand, enter in the details and take a note of the price that’s quoted. Compare all 10, or as many as you’ve had time to follow through. There’ll be a big difference between them all. Now you can see how easy it is to make significant savings. But low price is no good if it means low quality.

Choose a smaller number of bulk booklet printers to scrutinize further. These are the ones you’re actually going to make direct contact with. Phone them up. Do they answer promptly and courteously? When you start talking to them about your project, do they sound interested and keen to attract your custom? Do they sound like they know what they’re talking about?

Ask for a free sample pack from these shortlisted companies. Compare the quality of these. Were they able to send anything similar to the booklet printing project you have in mind?

Now it’s make your mind up time, and by weighing up price, customer service and quality in order to make your choice, you can be confident in your decision.

Good luck with your booklet printing, and may the best booklet printer win!

Lesley Carr writes about the ways in which businesses can get better value and better effectiveness from printed marketing and packaging material. To see how your business can save money on top quality printing contact http://www.printninja.com/ the online printing company that combines all-American customer service with high quality, low cost color printing fulfilled in China.

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