A Day in the Life of Your Ideal Customer

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Consider this…

• They see or hear 245 advertising messages before they finish their first cup of coffee and another 1,000 or more before the end of their day…

• They see 3000+ trademarks…

• They receive over 50 email messages that are work related and another 50 to 75 that are spam or specifically selling them something…

• They work over 8 hours and commutes between 1 and 2 hours per day…

• They receive 25 to 50 text messages from friends and a few from spam sources…

• The spend 2 to 4 hours on Facebook where they are bombarded by friends selling stuff, acquaintances hitting them up for sales, and ads that Facebook purposefully displays based on their searching, profile, and other criteria we may never know about.

This should serve as a bit of a reality check when you understand what your prospects are thinking each time they look at your advertisement. In fact, most of them won’t be thinking anything other than, “yet another ad I don’t care about”. For this reason, frequency plays such an important part of building an effective marketing and advertising campaign for your business.

Remember this; many prospects won’t see your ad the first time. Many won’t see it even the 10th time. Most people are presented with an ad multiple times before they actually “see” it. And sometimes a dozen more times before they take action on it. So keep pushing your message out there. Eventually, your target market will see it. Also remember this; if you only put a message out once or twice, you are wasting most of your marketing dollars.

Insider Tip #1:

Invest 80% of you time working on your headline. If you can come up with an attention grabbing, thought-provoking, I have to read this headline, you can decrease the amount of times you have to market to someone before they take action. Another tip is to come up with multiple headlines and test them to see which one works with the same copy. You will be surprised by the results. Also try adding graphics, pictures of people, pets, and attractive action boxes.

Insider Tip #2:

Don’t give up! Whether you are using direct mail, email, print, online, or any other type of advertising, just know that you have to keep it and never back down. You of course don’t want to continue running ads that don’t work, but you also have to give them a chance. Running an ad once is not a good test. Run it at least a dozen times with changes each time before you move on. What I have found is that each time you run your ad you actually INCREASE the odds that someone will respond. If nothing is shaking by the 12th time, it may be time to call it quits and move on.

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