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Cheap promotional items are an effective way for the modern business to perform brand marketing. In order to be most effective, this strategy requires some careful consideration. If a business chooses promotional items that people don’t actually use, then those items will be discarded and the effort will have only fleeting value. Here are some promotional items that work well for many companies:

Mouse Pads

Promo mouse pads are highly effective for several reasons. They provide ample space for the corporate logo. Most people use them almost every day of their lives. When they’re using them they tend to look at them a lot, and in work environments, the mouse pads are out in the open for everyone else to see.

USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are currently some of the hottest items for company promotion. What’s neat about flash drives is that everyone uses them and needs them, and they’re not inexpensive. However, since a business is buying in bulk, it can use that buying power to get flash drives for a song.

In order to get more out of flash drives – they only provide so much room for a logo – many companies have gotten creative and preloaded the drives with software. A business has to be careful here since it’s easy to alienate the client, but it can be a great way to have them visit a website.

Key Fobs and Chains

Flash drives have taken the place of fobs and chains for car keys for the most part, but these are still an effective option in the right situation. In the summertime, for instance, key chains with a bottle opener will get used often at barbecues, and that translates into a lot of casual brand awareness.

Stress Relief Balls

Stress relief balls are excellent promotional items because they’re very popular in office environments. Workers use them to relieve stress, release energy and exercise their hands. They’re also an item that tends to be on desks and visible, so the company gets a lot of mileage out of these promotional items. One thing a company has to be careful about is the durability of the logo. With cheap promotional items, that logo can wear off fast and diminish the long-term value.


Pens and pencils are among the classic promotional items. Although not en vogue any longer, they can still have a decent effect. What works in the favor of pens and pencils is that they’re very inexpensive, so a company can buy many of them with very little investment. We wouldn’t recommend pens and pencils for an orchestrated promotional effort, but they’re a good choice for impromptu handouts.

Tape Measure plus Level

One of the major U.S. home improvement outlets recently used tape measures as promotional items. These tape measures were small, lightweight and portable, and they had a built-in level, which was a great touch. Another advantage of this item is that it has two sides with a palm-sized area, and that’s a lot of space available to put a logo or other promotion.

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