8 Tips and Tricks For Writing an Effective Sales Letter (And 6 Helpful Hints)

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Writing an effective sales letter is one of the best ways to get meetings, make sales and grow your business.

In order to write an effective sales letter, you can use the tips listed below:

1. Target who you will be sending the letter to – either by function, department, role, etc. You have to have a targeted list in order for your letter to reach the appropriate buyer.
2. Put yourself in your buyers shoes – trigger their emotions and offer a solution to their problem.
3. Have an offer – you need a reason to send a letter, so make sure that you have something that your prospect will want to buy.
4. Tag line or headline – Make it a benefit ie. Reduce marketing costs by 25% – in bold and slightly bigger font. This needs to be an attention getter.
5. Have your lead paragraph explain the offer you are extending
6. Put in a feature and a corresponding benefit for the offer – bulleted or numbered draws attention to the features and benefits. The difference between a feature and a benefit, a benefit answers “So what?” For example, “Our car is aerodynamically designed” is a feature and the benefit is “So that you will save 10% or more on your fuel costs”.
7. Have a call to action with an incentive – You have to ask the prospect to do something or else they won’t do anything. Ask them to call you to arrange an appointment, take you up on an offer, try a sample, etc. If you can tie in an incentive all that much better.
8. Add a Post Script or PS – This is one last chance to get the readers attention. Make it a benefit that will grab their attention.

Here are some other tips that you can incorporate:

– Use a large envelope so that you do not fold you letter
– Put something to catch the readers attention on the outside – Put a tag that says something like, “Want to know how to save X% – Special Offer Inside”
– Keep the letter to one page – grab attention of the buyer, long letters do not do that
– Do not use small font in order to put more in the letter – less is better
– Use professional envelopes and letterhead to present a polished image
– Continue marketing with different variations on your sales letter – see what works and apply to future sales letter campaigns

By incorporating a majority of these tips and tricks you should be able to increase you success rates in having your letters opened.

Chris Hamilton is a sales and marketing consultant helping small and medium sized business take their sales to the next level. Chris provides useful sales and marketing tips daily on his website Sales Tip a Day which is located at http://www.salestipaday.com. Sign up for the Sales Tip A Day Newsletter at http://www.salestipaday.com/p/email-newsletter.html and receive the “25 Must Have Sales and Marketing Tips”

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