8 Great Ideas For Medical Office Signs

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Medical offices face intense competition and are always in need of neighborhood support and a competitive edge. Adding unique signage and pure creativity is a great way to grab the attention of the new patients and attract them to your friendly and professional medical services. Here is a rundown of the top 8 great ideas for medical office signs.

Yard Signs

Placing yard signs around the local community is a less expensive approach then a billboard, but highly effective. Design a yard sign that focuses on your office specialty whether it is a focus on family doctors or emergency care. Doctors aren’t hard to find, but good doctors. Recruit local patients by focusing on your professional services and advanced technology.

Vinyl Banner

Hang a vibrant advertising banner across your medical office to really grab attention. The vibrant colors attract attention, and the large text keeps your message clear and effective. Keep your message direct and simple so not to overwhelm customers with too much information. A large banner is the ideal way to announce a grand opening, a newly accepted insurance plan, or new office hours.

One-Way Vision

There is an emphasis on privacy in medical offices, so if your office is surrounded by windows consider installing one-way vision decals. These offer a solid, full-color advertisement on the outside of the window, but still allow sunlight and visibility from inside. This is a great opportunity to set the scene of your medical office with images of friendly services and a professional staff.

Vinyl Decals

Add color to your office windows using vinyl decals. These full color signs can be printed at any size and the full-color printing is super vibrant. They can be applied inside or outside, and cut to any shape. Custom cut a vinyl decal to the shape of your practice logo or create a solid window advertisement emphasizes what your practice offers.

Window Clings

Use window clings to announce special services, practice changes, or important information on front- desk windows. They are easy to install, can be removed, and can be reused for future announcements or promotions. Window clings are also great for office mirrors to remind customers about new procedures and medications and they wait for the physician.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is the classic and traditional window sign option. Add a professional appearance to your office by including vinyl lettering for your office hours, listing your accepted insurance, listing your physicians, and even listing your specialties.

Car Decals

Most medical offices have a business vehicle for running errands, transporting labs, picking up medical supplies, and various tasks. These are the perfect opportunity for car signs. Car decals are applied directly to the vehicle and look as though painted on. This is an affordable way to customize your car for your business, without having to pay for a custom paint job.

Business Cards

Use business cards as appointment reminders for every patient. This will encourage them to hold on to your office information, as well as keep their appointment time and your contact information handy. This is an office sign that travels with your patients and can be passed out during conversations looking for a professional medical office.

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