7 Proven Low Cost Strategies to Attract New Customers to Your Business

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It is often the simple things that work best. And marketing doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. Here, you will discover 7 proven ways to attract more new customers to your business! They are simple. They are low-cost (if any cost). And most importantly… they work!

1. Opportunities… Within Walking Distance

If you sell business to business, have you walked around to the other businesses in your immediate geographic area and introduced yourself? No pressure. Just be friendly. A printer tried this and picked up eight printing jobs in less than two hours. Another home security business picked up a $17,000 sale, which was right ‘down the street’ all along. Try it… it costs nothing and it works!

2. Trade Shows & Exhibitions

With thousands of prospects and not enough time to talk with them all, run a competition! This guarantees you get their contact details and can follow up later. A hardware store picked up over 3,700 pre-qualified leads in three days with this technique.

3. Become An Industry Expert

Write articles for industry newsletters, journals and trade publications. Promote yourself as a keynote speaker within your industry. Give interviews to the media, get a spot on radio talkback. Position yourself as an industry expert and qualified leads will literally flow to you.

4. Ask for Referrals

Look to your best customers and ask for referrals. Remember, “birds of a feather flock together”. Chances are your top customers know other ‘top prospects’. When asking; ask at their emotional-peak, make it easy for them to refer people to you, systematise it and most importantly… thank them.

5. How effective is your Business Signage?

If your business is in a high traffic area, maximize this exposure with good clear signage. Don’t just say ‘New Computers”. Say ‘Computer Upgrades for Under $500’. Your signage must ‘sell’ your business.

6. Attend Networking Functions

Rule Number One: Take plenty of business cards! And use them. Swap cards and even set a goal as to how many cards you’ll collect. Have an ‘elevator speech’ prepared – that highlights the benefits of your business in 10-15 seconds. Then follow up these leads with a note or phone call.

7. Piggy-Back Mailings

Are there other businesses that are not competitors, yet offer a complimentary service or product, who target the same market as you? If so, how can you work together?

For example, I knew a business which repaired farm machinery and sold tractors. The local fuel company sends a monthly newsletter/invoice to over a thousand farmers in the area. In return for paying half the postage, he inserted his promotional material and compelling offer in with their newsletter. He wrote thousands of dollars of business – for an investment of less than $450. Simple yes… but it works! As we said at the beginning, it’s often the simple things that work best. Especially in effective marketing!

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