7 Crazy Ways to Market Your Personal Training Business

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Marketing is the lifeblood of any business and coming up with unique marketing ideas and strategies can be a re-occurring challenge. Typically many businesses rely on the tried and true methods of marketing such as flyers, brochures or newsletters. I’m sure that’s what your competition is doing as well. How can you break away from the conventional and step into innovative? It’s easier then you think. All you need to do is use your imagination and dare to think differently. Here are seven crazy ideas to market your personal training business and push beyond the traditional. With any luck you will leave your competition scratching their head wondering what you’re doing differently.

Handout out gels with your contact information. Purchase a few boxes of gels and hand them out to people running, walking or cycling in your neighbourhood.

Target kids to meet their parents. Rent a bouncy castle for the day and host a charity barbecue. Partner with a local charity association and grocery store to help host the event. Donate all the proceeds to the charity.

Offer a free fitness in the park workout to a special interest group. Locate a special interest group in your area an offer to lead a workout in the park. Create a media advisory to inform local media about what the event.

Distribute a free towel at the end of a race. Purchase hand towels with your contact information and hand them out at the end of an event as people cross the finish line.

Wear a big button everywhere you go. Your button can say something like “ask me how I can tighten your assets” Wear it everyday. People will take notice and ask you about your button.

Start a networking group. Perhaps you have a unique hobby, habit or idea. Start a networking group that would attract these same people. For example, if you something unique reach out to other people who might collect the same thing.

Create a unique event. You can use your imagination to create any combination of events that would be out of the ordinary. For example, invite dog owners to dress up their dogs and then run a contest to pick the best costume.

Some of these ideas may seem a bit out there but that’s the point. The idea is to think beyond the traditional and into the wacky and crazy. It’s easier to tame down an idea then to make something as ordinary as a flyer seem exciting. The fun part of this exercise is to let your imagination soar. Don’t worry if the idea makes any sense or how you will accomplish it. Just let the ideas flow naturally. Once you have a few ideas you can then go back and see if you have any gems in the bunch. Marketing is a way of connecting with your customer. The more fun you have the greater the impact it will have on your business.

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