6 Principles of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media marketing has definitely gained its popularity over the past few years. More online establishments are now using this marketing strategy to grow there presence online. A classic example of is how Hotmail massively increased there number of subscribers.

This is how Hotmail used Social Media Marketing in its early stages

Hotmail is one of the first web-based email providers that gave away an online email manager for free. By giving free web-based email management software they were able to tack on additional services sneak in a critical social media marketing time bomb. Every single email sent from Hotmail included an advertisement at the bottom that reads: “Get your private, free email at…”

So basically, Hotmail got there subscribers to recommend there service with every email they sent. These friends and colleagues receiving the emails will get the message, read it, and then click through yo subscribe as well. And the cycle goes on and on.

Although this strays a bit from the conventional definition of “social” media marketing, it provides an excellent example of how your message can spread incredibly fast.

Elements of Social Media Marketing – How to get your followers to spread the word

1. Give away products or services. This is the most basic element of social media marketing. When a person hears the word “free,” it sparks there interest. Offering discounted or inexpensive goods or services may also do the trick, but “free” will always get you where you need to go much faster.

Patience is important in social media marketing. Giving away products for free may not earn profit instantly, although as your customer base grows you will begin finding all sorts of clever ways to generate massive amounts of cash.

2. Make your message as easy as possible to spread. Social Media marketing is powerful because of the fact that you can share information in an infinite amount of ways. Here’s just a few: email, download, Facebook, Google Talk, blogs, tv, radio, etc.

Keep your message simple and short. Straight to the point is best.

3. Get ready for growth. The worst mistake someone can make is not being prepared. I can’t believe how some people will spend all this time, money and energy towards getting generating traffic just to have the website crash because of some bandwidth or memory issue. Be prepared. If you are out to get a lot of traffic, chances are you’ll get it. So make sure you have enough bandwidth and storage to compensate.

This is the number one way people lose possible customers, clients, readers, etc…

4. Bring the popular content forward. Use analytics to track your visitor behavior. What pages are they constantly visiting? Where do they stay the longest? How long do they stay for each page on average? What pages do they hate? These are all important questions you should be asking about your visitors to make there experience better. Bring the popular content forward,

5. Take advantage of the massive social media network. Nowadays there are hundreds of social media sites such as Facebook, Blogger, Reddit, Stumbleupon, delicious, Google+ and much much more. There is a community out there for you. So go find the website you relate too the most and start getting your message out there.

6. Use other peoples resources. If you are in a hurry to get views you may want to consider a partnership with someone who already has a substantial following. One single tweet or post can translate to thousands of dollars. Find others in your niche and partner with them.

Make sure to read through social media marketing tutorials reports and video courses to get a full understanding of how you should build a social media marketing campaign.

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