6 Positive Steps To Improving Morale In The Workplace

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They say that mood is contagious and without doubt when morale is high in the workplace people deliver better results than when it is rock bottom. It is easy to believe as a leader or manager that only financial incentives are going to make a difference. Yet the truth is that there are some simple steps you can take to improve morale.

Here are some ideas that take little or no effort but can yield great returns:


You can never communicate too much as a leader or manager. If you think about it, people probably spend more time in work than anywhere else in an average week. The reality is that people want to know what issues the organisation is dealing with, the impact it is having and what they can do to help. They might not always like the reality but they will respect you a lot more as a leader or manager if you keep them informed.


One of the biggest gripes I hear from people is that leaders and managers don’t listen or if they do listen they pay lip service to what they hear. How motivated would you be if everything you said fell on deaf ears or was just swept aside? When you start to pay attention it is win-win all round.

Give People Challenges

Everyone loves to achieve, acquire new skills, do something different or just make a difference. If we fail to give people challenges we don’t put their enthusiasm and energy to good use or we under-utilise the resources at our disposal, which is a lost opportunity.

Create A Supportive Environment

No one would do a bungee jump unless they felt it was safe to do so. Yet sometimes leaders and managers don’t create the type of environment where personal balanced risk taking is supported.


Recognition is one of the cheapest forms of motivation around. It takes literally seconds to say “thank you”, “well done” or “great effort” and can yield massive returns for the organisation or team.

Fairly Reward

While money in itself is not a prime motivator, people need to feel that they are fairly rewarded for the commitment that they make. Try to always reward people fairly for what they are contributing.

The Bottom Line: A lot of what contributes to improving morale in the workplace is often commonsense. At the same time, in a busy and demanding workplace, it is often easy to lose sight of common sense and the basics of leading, managing and motivating people.

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