50% Of Small Businesses Don’t Have Websites, So, What’s the Big Deal?

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About a year ago, Entrepreneur Magazine reported on an Ad-ology research study which found that 46% of small businesses do not have a website. Some studies report the number closer to 60%.

So, what’s the big deal? Why would a small business need a website or any web presence anyway?

The answer is simple. It’s because that’s expected of a company in 2011. It was okay, 20 years ago, to not care about a web presence. But now, a website defines what you are and what you are doing. If someone hears that a service that they need is offered by Bob, Inc., the first thing the potential customer is going to do is “Google” Bob, Inc.

Let’s imagine, for a second, two different scenarios. In the first scenario, the customer finds a beautiful, dynamic website that incorporates several different functions that make the user experience more enjoyable, easy to read information and several ways to contact someone at Bob, Inc., including a contact form, a request for a quote form, at least three different social media pages that allow feedback and discussions about Bob, Inc., its brand, and the people behind it. Then, there is another scenario. When Bob, Inc. is searched, it provides a few reviews on other sites, that may or may not be very flattering, and perhaps a link on Google Maps. Which will a customer be more impressed by? Which conveys a more professional image? Which has a greater likelihood of attracting investors?

Furthermore, 20 years ago, a one-page website written in HTML may have impressed people. But in 2011, it is of the utmost importance to present a highly developed, well thought out, and clear and concise web presence. The reason for this is that building a very simple website is no longer esoteric knowledge. It is highly recommended to have a professional build your site. You cannot afford to have the first thing a customer sees about your company to be a poorly built site, or worse, an unflattering review.

Take a look at the original article at Entrepreneur Magazine’s Blog.

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