50 Blog Topics for Small Business Owners

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As a small business owner you understand the importance of a blog in today’s competitive environment. So, to get the word out about your brand, you assemble your small business blog and diligently begin the process of writing helpful, relevant and educational posts.

Every few days you dutifully post to your blog until the unthinkable happens: you run out of ideas, your creative well is dry and you’ve entered the dreaded land of “Blogger’s Block.”

Not to worry – help is on its way!

Here are 50 small business post ideas to help you overcome “Blogger’s Block” and bring about a whole new level of creativity:

  1. Identify a pressing problem in your industry and provide the solution.
  2. Review a best-selling book in your niche.
  3. Interview an expert in your industry and post the interview.
  4. Write a tutorial or how-to article.
  5. Put together a list of people in your industry that you recommend following on Twitter.
  6. Make a 3-5 minute video or screencast and post it.
  7. Compile a top ten list of important resources for your readers.
  8. Illustrate how a current event relates back to your industry.
  9. Assemble a list of the top 10 books in your industry.
  10. Send out an invitation for guest blog posts.
  11. Ask your readers a question and answer it in a post.
  12. Highlight a successful customer or client.
  13. Expose a scam in your industry.
  14. Post a poll on Facebook and blog about the results.
  15. Examine a “hot issue” in your industry by debating the pros and cons.
  16. Ask your readers to send you new product/service ideas; compile the best ideas into a list and let your readers vote.
  17. Put together a “tip list.”
  18. Post a photo related to your industry and blog about it. (Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.)
  19. Write about the advantages/disadvantages about a particular product in your industry.
  20. Write a post highlighting an upcoming sale.
  21. Compile a list of the top 10 blogs in your industry.
  22. Feature causes and charities you support.
  23. Illustrate why your small business is unique, distinctive and one of its kind.
  24. Relate your small business to a special event – Olympics, Valentine’s Day, Ground Hog’s Day, etc.
  25. Link to another blog post and offer your unique opinion.
  26. Predict trends in your industry.
  27. Blog about a small business mistake you made, what you learned from it and how your readers can avoid it.
  28. Write about how your industry has changed in the last 5, 10, or 25 years.
  29. Compile your best 10 blog posts of the year.
  30. Put together a contest for you readers. Offer a fun prize.
  31. Debunk or challenge a common belief in your industry.
  32. Find a free and valuable resource and post a link to it.
  33. Record a 3-5 minute podcast or audio and post it.
  34. Assemble a list of the best blog posts you have read this week.
  35. Search Digg and StumbleUpon and Google Alerts for hot topics in your industry. Blog about them.
  36. Take an old blog post and update it.
  37. Find a popular topic in your industry and run a blog series about it.
  38. Share statistics and current research in your industry.
  39. Visit a quote site, find a quote that relates to your industry and write about it.
  40. Write a post that highlights the “best in your industry…”
  41. Write a post about the “biggest mistakes in your industry…”
  42. Create a beginner’s guide for newbies in your niche.
  43. Send out a survey on Twitter and blog about the results.
  44. Blog about a day in your life (or a day in the life of your industry).
  45. Tell your small business story and why you are doing what you are doing.
  46. Put together a “dictionary of common terms” in your industry.
  47. Blog about who you would love to meet and why.
  48. Write about what frustrates you about your industry.
  49. Talk about what you love about your industry.
  50. Write a press release and publish it on your blog.

So, there you have it, 50 small business post ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully, you will never encounter Blogger’s Block again!

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