5 Ways To Brand Your Expertise

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The heart of your brand is represented by what you do for your clients. Your highly marketable ‘star system’ and irresistible offers with appealing packaging and pricing come later; first, you need to get clarity around your expertise and the way you want to position it, so it’s easy for people to quickly and thoroughly understand what your business is all about.

Here are five options to successfully showcase what you do without causing confusion in your prospect’s mind…

One specialty topic and absolute mastery
You can specialize in and focus entirely on one very narrow, very specific topic that you’re the ultimate connoisseur of, known for your innovative, trend setting, in-depth approach that makes you a sought-after specialist with a hot niche and fabulous clients who don’t settle for anything less than experiencing true mastery.

Examples: cash flow management for solopreneurs; raw diet lifestyle for entrepreneurs with food allergies; relationship building at the workplace for corporate executives

Unique interdisciplinary mix that solves one specific problem
You can also use your unique combination of knowledge, gifts, skills and background that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see together as they come from all sorts of different disciplines and fields, to create a one-of-a-kind solution for one</i particular problem your ideal client wants to urgently overcome, and design your brand around that.

Examples: how to launch, fill and run a group coaching program; how to get your baby to sleep through the night; how to maintain a high energy level throughout the day, every day

Unique interdisciplinary mix that deals with the roots of a problem, and solves multiple related problems as well
Another option is for you to take your unique mix of value adding attributes and direct it towards solving several interconnected problems, triggering a ripple effect of positive transformation for your clients, visible in various areas of their life. In comparison with the previous option, this one concentrates on the true, deeper, most devastating cause for multiple issues your client is facing.

Examples: how to heal your relationship with money; how to get rid of the complex of inferiority for good and finally gain self-esteem; how to discover your life purpose

Lead expertise addressing what your clients WANT, backed up with what they NEED
You can also decide to center your marketing around what your audience is looking for, (over)deliver on what they want, and then introduce them to what you as the expert believe they need, as well. People invest in what they want, not necessarily in what they need, and yet, at the end, it’s the result that counts and generates buzz about your brand, an abundance of referrals, and clients that eagerly do business with you over and over again, so this is definitely a smart strategy to employ. Pick the right lead expertise, and then exceed your clients’ expectations by following with the rest of your ‘magic’.

Example: how to lose 10 pounds in 30 days – followed by how to switch to a healthy, vibrant, empowering lifestyle with proper nutrition, sports, sleep and more

Multiple solutions via specialized divisions aka one stop shop
A fifth way to brand your expertise is to provide multiple solutions to multiple problems by organizing your know-how into a number of divisions that form a congruent entity, but are perceived by your audience almost as stand-alone go-to solution providers. The divisions prevent your prospects to get confused by what you actually specialize in and put you in a generalist category for lack of a better understanding. This way, you can be a one stop shop without being viewed as the brand that – in desperation? – takes care of everything but the kitchen sink.

Example: small business marketing consultancy with a copywriting, social networking, video marketing, mobile marketing, collaborative (join venture and affiliate) marketing and book marketing division

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