5 Top Tips on "How to Generate Leads"

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Everyone is aware that this is one of the most difficult economic periods in history. For any business to survive and grow it is more important than ever that to have an effective Lead Generation Strategy.

Here are my 5 Top Tips to get you on your way. I hope you find them useful and urge you take note and apply all or at least some of them.


If you have a website, or a Facebook page, you can offer something for free in return for a contact email address. Effective giveaways can often be just some useful free information, or maybe a book or product that will add value to someone’s life or their business. Alternatively you could give away a cup of coffee, or a voucher to use in your shop or business in return for contact details. Once you start a relationship with a potential customer in this way you attract their interest and start to quickly build a contact list. This list can be a fantastic lead generation tool, allowing you to update all those on the list with new products, services, promotions, events etc.


Press Releases are a great way to bring free attention to your business. Journalists are always looking for people to do their work for them. However, you will need an interesting angle to grab both the journalist’s and the public’s attention. Maybe you have introduced a new service or product, refurbished your premises, updated your website, or created new jobs? You might want to raise awareness of your business by talking about a new contract you have landed or partnership you have formed.

You should make your story short, interesting, and direct. Make the otherwise lazy journalist sit up, put his coffee down and take notice. Keep it simple but engaging. Provide videos, photos, quotes from relevant people and a personal story if appropriate. Send to as many relevant magazines, newspapers and websites as possible, but you should aim to customise your story according to each publication matching their style for maximum appeal.


Referrals and recommendations are a great way for you to generate new leads. Both Social Media and Networking Events are becoming more important than ever. If the thought of visiting a networking event strikes you with terror from within, don’t worry you are not alone. The very idea of having to strike up a conversation from cold with a complete stranger puts many off.

The best way to approach these events is to relax and forget the business aspect for a moment. Talk to someone, maybe even about the event itself; mention you have not visited one before. Talk about anything that is comfortable and easy ground. This will help you to get to know people in a short space of time in a way that means they won’t feel a sales pitch coming on. Remember ‘people buy from people’ and you will find that a relationship developed at these meetings can really help boost your business. After all, the other people at the event are there for similar reasons. They are not looking to ‘catch you out’; in fact they are often looking for partnerships that can be mutually beneficial.


LinkedIn, if you have not come across it, is a business related Social Networking site. From February this year it reported that they now had 150 million registered users in more than 200 countries! And it’s growing rapidly. This is one of the most accessible and inexpensive tools you can use to share your expertise and help your network understand what you do and who you do it for. In addition, Facebook for business should NOT be ignored. Facebook has been getting some mixed press recently regarding its advertising strategy. However, Facebook for business is under-used currently as a lead generator and list builder, more on this later…


Again not to be dismissed, direct mail is still a very successful strategy despite the power of the internet. Undertaken properly, targeted direct mail can still reap rich rewards. It is critical to ‘test, test and test again’ until you find the right formula. Prepare two or even three versions of your mailshot with different messages, promotions and benefits and see which gains the best response. This may seem obvious but I have encountered many businesses that send out one mailshot and sit back and wait for a response. It’s hopeful and sometimes it might work, but not often. You should always follow up your mailshot within 5 days, to find out what people thought of the information you sent. If they haven’t seen it, send them another copy and follow up!

I have covered my 5 top tips for online and offline lead generation, that have a proven track record. However, they will only be successful if they are adapted properly. To help you gain maximum success with these ideas and to show you many more tactics and simple strategies to help take your business forward please visit http://www.provenbusinessprofits.com

Wishing you every success

Andy Terry

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