5 Surprising Design Tricks For Booklets

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No one really expects excitement from booklets. However, I am going to teach you here in this article five surprising and exciting design tricks to improve your color booklets for the better. Even if you are using your booklets for training or reference purposes, these tricks help your booklets and their content to be memorable and of course impact in the lives of your readers. So start reading the list below and discover exactly how to get your audience excited with these special design tricks for booklets.

1. Size extremes.

Having abnormally bigger or smaller booklets is a simple design trick that should help you surprise and excite readers. You would want to see what an overly large or an overly small booklet has to offer. It is just unusual enough to stand out among the usual things we see every day.

That is why you can use this simple trick easily to your advantage. Of course you may need to match your content exactly for these size extremes, but once you do it correctly, you should have a quaint little booklet that people will be excited to see and read.

2. Shape extremes.

You can also take your custom booklets to the extremes of shapes. That is right! The rectangular booklet is not the only kind of booklet that you can create. If you care to customize your booklets a bit more dramatically, you can use very distinct shapes that will define your prints and of course surprise and excite your readers.

I have seen other people use square booklets, round booklets and even other still more unusual shapes like start shaped booklets, three shaped booklets etc. This of course is a lot more costly because of the special cutting involved, but believe me it does a lot to the booklet’s visibility.

3. Color extremes.

It is also possible to be more extreme with the colors of your booklets. Instead of the usual colors that you use, you can opt for more intense and vibrant colors that will flag your booklet easily to the eyes of your readers.

You can even excite them if you use more energetic colors such as red, yellow, orange as well as their more extreme variations depending on their hue. It all depends on the theme of your booklets of course, but with very extreme colors it should be easy to establish the right emotion and mood that your booklets need to surprise and excite your readers.

4. Advanced materials.

Now, if you are willing to spend a little bit more extra with your color booklets, you can try out using advanced materials to get that surprising and exciting reaction. The most easiest and most exciting type of materials that you can add on to your booklets are special glitters, metallic inks and even embedded glitters on your paper. These advanced materials when placed in the cover of your booklet can mean a lot to the overall booklet print.

It not only drives attention towards the booklet, but it also basically helps you be competitive and outshine all the other types of booklets. Just ask your booklet printer what is available in terms of advanced printing materials and go for all the ones that add that gleam, shine or twinkle. This will matter a lot in your quest for better audiences for your booklets, so make sure you try and see what options you have in printing.

5. Interactive configurations.

Finally, you can also excite your readers further by using more interactive configurations. This means not only using the typical booklet template on your prints. It means actually adding interactive elements and configurations that will make your booklets a lot more fun to read and keep.

From simple pop-ups to useful pockets and centerfold pages, all these different elements all come into play to make for an exciting and interactive booklet. So if your content is apt for some interactive elements, you should try developing this kind of design concept now.

So what are you waiting for? Go now and change your booklet designs. Make sure that you can excite and surprise your readers with your booklets.

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