5 Steps to Profit From The New Marketplace

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You Have a Problem, and a yet a Solution At The Same Time!

Things have changed, but with these 5 simple steps you can profit from the changes!

In this report I will show you how YOU can start thinking Out Of The Box with your Marketing!

What is the problem? The old system just does not work the same way it used to. There is a new system of marketing but most business owners don’t know how to use it! What is it? Internet Marketing. -Can you image how some business owners don’t even have a computer let alone an email address?

What is the Solution? Start thinking Out of The Box Marketing. By using the methods in this report you will lay the foundation that can bring you floods of business! We will cover the basics of getting found online, and that is how you will make money in this new marketplace.

Relationship Marketing

Before we get into the details of how to get found online, let’s talk about relationships. What good would it do to have the best product and get found online only to chase people away and never get repeat business?

Relationships are King in this new Marketplace! So as part of what I do is help businesses setup relationship systems. -See the email section below.

Why Internet Marketing?

In the old system it was about being found when the customer was buying. This has not changed, just where you are found has. Now it is online search, and many of them from mobile phones. By the way, this is why you need a mobile ready web site.

These days we do online searches to find everything from phone numbers to videos. Who needs a big thick book that you can’t type a simple search into? I don’t even pick up a dictionary anymore, I search online! When your customers find you that’s Marketing!

The big companies like Google, Bing, and Yahoo -and many others, know this so they are working everyday to make these searches easier for us.

What has changed is how we find what we Really Want

We want Rich Relationships! We want to know who the people are behind the brand. No more blindly buying before we understand the brand.

Now when you are ready to buy a truck or car what do you do? You do a search right? You want to make sure you make the right buying decision. Then when you walk into that company you already know what you need and the “salesperson” is just there to finish some details and close the deal. Where in the past they would be the ones with all the information and you would depend on him/her alone.

Keep It Simple Sam (KISS)

Step 1: Email Marketing

Get These Two Things Every Time, their Email and Permission!

It is so easy to stay in touch these days, in fact, you don’t even have to remember to send a note. It could be put in a system for you!

Action Steps:

1. Get their email

2. Get their permission to email them.

3. Setup an email marketing program. Here are two good services: Mailchimp.com -free program to get you started. And Aweber.com where you can start for only $1. Aweber is by far one of the best liked email companies, hands down it is worth the investment!

Step 2:Lay Your Online Foundation

Your Online Foundation is social proof. You must have social proof these days. And you cannot buy the best kind, you must earn it! What is it? A good reputation with lots of friends!

Action Step: Setup a Facebook page for your company. But unlike most… FILL IN all the information you can e.g: address, hours, and add a cover photo, etc.

Also use consistent photos for your profile and cover photo. This is your online brand now. And finally upload pictures and videos of you being you.

Step 3: Be Findable Online

The first basic thing you must keep in mind to get business online, is that you have to be Findable Online!

Action Step: Setup searchable profiles. Keep in mind that with social media like Facebook you have to have work through the friend status to really get the information. So I recommend having a Google+ and LinkedIn profile. Both these sites are very professional and give you a chance to gives links to your other sites without anyone having to be your friend to find it.

Step 4: Get on Google Places

What do you search for when you are going for pizza? How about ordering food in? I look for their phone number!

Action Step: Go to Google Places, Local.com, and Yahoo. List your business on each one, and make sure to fill ALL the information you can. And where they let you, put up pictures and video.

Step 5: Blog – Where Online Marketing Meets SEO

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. One of the best ways to get your brand out is to blog. Blogging is documentation of what you know and do for a living. Google and other search engines love good content so they reward those who put out the effort, it’s that simple.

Action Step: Setup a blog and start writing like you were giving advice to your Mom (or a close friend). Tell her what the benefits are and how her life will improve. Post at least once a week and you will start seeing some good things come of it.

You can find free blogging software at WordPress.org or Blogger.com. Also if you are ready to take this to the next level you will want to have your own domain and hosting. This can be done through Bluehost.com.

Thanks for reading!

All the best!


Want more?

My blog: http://ootbmarketing.com/blog ← This is where I put my best stuff realated to getting you more business using Internet Marketing
My facebook: http://facebook.com/ootbmarketing ← Here is where I post most everyday with many social media “How-To’s” and best pratice.

Chip D Thompson
Out of The Box Marketing, Springfield, MO.
email: Chip@OOTBMarketing.com

P.S. I hope you can take some steps with the above info. Remember it is about taking daily action. Small steps that get done are much better than big dreams that never happen!

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